Adequacy of outdoor space

Photo © 2gv Arquitectura
Photo © 2gv Arquitectura
Photo © 2gv Arquitectura
Photo © 2gv Arquitectura
Photo © 2gv Arquitectura
2gv sensibilidad patrimonial

Due to the constraints and the environment of the area of action, it is proposed to make the most of the pre-existence. This is why it is contemplated to enhance and give continuity to the flow of people, reinforced by a series of pergola-type built elements, and natural elements of integration with the user and sustainability.
A dialogue is proposed between a hard concrete tile pavement that reinforces the flow of people, and a landscaped pavement, artificial turf, which limits user access and incorporates a green pavement to the intervention.
On an upper level, a series of pergolas are projected to provide a visual reference and sun protection, inviting to enter the shopping center and enjoy the projected outdoor space. These pergolas clearly mark the entrance from Tecnología Street, as well as from Avenida de la Vila, in Viladecans.

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