sandy brunner Architecture

Apartment Raval

Barcelona, 2020

Rehabilitation of an apartment in Raval, Barcelona.


Stone House Villa Menorca, Spain


Opus in beige Solid stone characterises the face of the Balearic Island of Menorca. Along with the steep coastline and fields containe...

Bbats Architects

TdM House

Barcelona, 2015

As a simple origami cube, the project is set up as a continuous skin of black granite that surrounds the five faces of parallelepiped es...

Bbats Architects

Hospital de la Santa Creu y San Pau

Barcelona, 2009

The hospital is a new infrastructure of more than 110.000 square meter, located in within the Historic enclosure of the Hospital de la Sa...

External Reference

Jané Winestore

Comarruga, Tarragona, 2019

Since 1944 Jané Group has been one of the main liquor stores in Tarragona. In 1980 they settled in a large area of 700 m2 in the KM1187 ...


Sant Llorenç


This site was declared technically in ruins and the refurbishment was linked to a long-term tenancy agreement. Only a narrow door and ...

BAAS arquitectura

Barcelona Supercomputing Center

Barcelona, 2015

We have proposed an abstract box, a volume seen as a piece of industrial design deposited in the middle of the park and which is formalis...

BAAS arquitectura

68 social housing units in [email protected]

Barcelona, 2015

The building stands in a strange location, in a courtyard at the centre of a city block in the [email protected] district with no direct access to the ...

CASA SOLO Arquitectos

A Coruña University Hospital City

A Coruña, 2016

The project is Phase 2 of the Master Plan of this 1090 bed university hospital, referral centre for the region. It includes the reform an...

311 studio

Centro de Salud de Sigüenza

Sigüenza, Guadalajara, 2010

El Centro de Salud de Sigüenza estuvo desde el principio condicionado por su entorno, al estar el solar donde se ubica, enclavado en las ...


Private house Talamanca

Ibiza, 2019

Purist architecture in the Mediterranean region Turquoise sea, Mediterranean green, rocky silhouettes: A unique environment for a specia...

311 studio

Oficina integral de la Seguridad Social

Málaga, 2012

El edificio alberga la oficina de la Administración de la Seguridad Social, así como, el Centro de Atención e Información (C.A.I.S.S.) y ...


Pau Claris 87

Barcelona, 2014

Refurbishment of an office space of 400 square meters into four apartments of 80 and 100 square meters, located in Pau Claris street in t...


Nobook & UMA Restaurants

Barcelona, 2014

Nobook is an unconventional and innovative restaurant which wants to surprise customers with the creativity of its menu. To match this im...


D/219 Residential


Refurbishment and conversion of an office building into an apartment residential building, located in the Eixample district of Barcelona....


AM Residences

Barcelona, 2019

Refurbishment of an office building into an apartment residential building, located in the center of the Eixample district in Barcelona, ...

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Villa Haus S

Alcúdia, 2017

Die besondere Lage des Objektes war von Beginn an bezeichnend für die Planung: die zweigeschossige Villa wurde auf einem Grundstück mit d...

POLO Architects

Diagonal-Besós Student Residence

Barcelona, 2019

The new Diagonal-Besòs Campus in Barcelona aims to become an innovation centre where internationally acclaimed education, research, and t...

sandy brunner Architecture

Office Weirather Wenzel & Partner 2

Barcelona, 2018

The project begins with the task from the Company WWP to design their second offices in Barcelona. To reduce the cost and the environment...

Gabriel Montañés Studio

MB House

Mahón, 2017

The project for this property intended for a family had a very specific programme right from the start. The house boasts an unobstructed ...

Gabriel Montañés Studio


Binidalí, Sant Lluís, 2017

This project began in the form of a contest. The main concept of the project has stayed unchanged since then. We proposed a dwelling cont...

Kitzig Design Studios GmbH & Co. KG

The View

Sant Josep de sa Talaia, 2018

Jahr 2018 Mit Umbau einer Bestandsanlage an der Westküste Ibizas entstand das im Frühjahr 2018 eröffnete Seven Pines Resort. Mit fünf St...

LeA atelier | Landscape Ecology Architecture

Paisajismo casa de campo

Tolosa, Alcalá de Júcar, 2017

Paisajismo de la entrada, el patio interior y la azotea de una casa de campo situada en un marco incomparable, Tolosa, localidad situada ...

LeA atelier | Landscape Ecology Architecture

Paisajismo en Park Güell

Barcelona, 2014

Estudio de necesidades y proyecto ejecutivo de mejora de drenaje, pavimentos y jardinería del camino de la Pressió, el Hort de l’Avi y l...

LeA atelier | Landscape Ecology Architecture

Jardín vecinal Aragón 174

Barcelona, 2017

Desarrollamos un jardín situado en la vía pública para uno de los edificios más altos de Barcelona, la mítica torre Aragó-Casanovas proye...

LeA atelier | Landscape Ecology Architecture

Plaza Mercat del Ninot

Barcelona, 2016

Este proyecto pretende sensibilizar sobre los procesos ecológicos naturales que nunca proporcionan una fotografía fija, sino más bien un ...

Oliveras Boix Arquitectes

Ateneu de Fabricació de Gràcia

Barcelona, 2018

The aim of the intervention is the integral renovation of an old warehouse located in the old quarter of the Gràcia neighborhood, in Barc...


Centro de las Artes de Verín

Verín, 2018

¿Great home or small town? Arts center of Verin provides the intimacy of a home and the heterogeneity of a town. The initial approach of...


De Vinos y Viandas

Valladolid, 2018

The concept of this space comes from the searching of a well-known world which is the wine and its sales spaces. In our imaginary there a...




Beginning with the establishment of the Goodman Offices Project in Spain, we found an open space, where the nucleus of the toilets, the s...


Zooco Madrid Estudio

Madrid, 2017

The concept of this space comes from what we want that space expresses itself, due to it is our own studio. We want to create a comforta...


M4 House

Torrelodones, 2017

M4 House is the result of the rupture of the pure volumes regarding a strict sense of orientation. Located at the top of the land, you...



Tenerife, 2018

The project embraces different proceedings in a hotel resort located in the southern area of Tenerife, in the Canary Islands. In a 105...



Madrid, 2018

The project consists in building a house inside of a house, which means that it is more similar to the process of building a single-famil...


Nuilea Day Spa

Madrid, 2018

The project has been finished in 2018, it is situated in a centric neighborhood of Madrid. The program consists of a mixed use of shop sp...


Balcón de la Bahía

Santander, 2018

The project is carried out in a building located in one of the most emblematic avenues of Santander and enjoys a privileged location with...

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