Restauración de la Iglesia Virgen Del Rio en Tarazona, Zaragoza

2gv sensibilidad patrimonial

Tarazona is a town, which by its geographical location, has always hosted Bishopric, so the belief of the people in the Catholic faith has always been deeply rooted, and the best example is the Church of the Virgin River.

When maintenance work is performed Queiles River, in the fifteenth century, the head of a religious figure was found. This made the donations of citizens and the contribution of land the city council, the church was built, making the Virgin River, the patron saint of the town.

Rehabilitation of the church became an important event for the city due to its proximity to the river, and be located in its origins in Irrigated area, had some serious humidity problems that were affecting structural elements.

It is a temple of modest proportions in Latin cross plant with ship of two sections, high choir on the feet, lined chapels, chancel and vestry of straight front next to the Gospel. The header and the ship is covered with a barrel vault with lunettes, while the rest do with half oranges.


The process of the project in this case, was as important as the future implementation. An important historic building for the city of Tarazona and its inhabitants, past, present and future.

It was a complex project, not by size, but if the amount of different elements to be treated. from the problems of the building itself and envelope, to all the artistic heritage it contained.

To cover this complexity, we worked with a multidisciplinary team to recover altarpieces, paintings, sculptures, structures, historic finishes, wood stairs. So a team consisting of a historian, restaurateur, architect, estructurista, made an inventory of all items, assessing their condition, to make a real proposal. I would also expect the timely advice of an archaeologist, because the background is the area. Having to raise the floor wanted to make sure the possible existence of elements in the subsoil.

The state of deterioration of some elements was so high that it had to take precautionary emergency measures. They had to redo much of the wooden altars, as there had been several attacks woodworm.

The project was done with the utmost respect for the building, adapting it to today, recovering the lost dignity, and making accomplices to all participants. Property, builder, users and technicians.

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