2gv sensibilidad patrimonial

Rehabilitation San Rafael

Barcelona, 2019

The action consists of the restoration and consolidation of the envelope and structure of the old chapel of Sant Rafael. A religious temp...

311 studio

Iglesia Padre Nuestro

Madrid, 2007

Centro Parraquial Padre Nuestro

COMA Arquitectura

Sagrada Familia Cloisters

Barcelona, 2018

Sagrada Familia multi-purpose space. Interior intervention in Gaudi’s Mercè Cloister, Montserrat Cloister and Museum inside the Sagrada F...

2gv sensibilidad patrimonial

Restauración de la Iglesia Virgen Del Rio en…

Zaragoza, 2009

Tarazona is a town, which by its geographical location, has always hosted Bishopric, so the belief of the people in the Catholic ...

2gv sensibilidad patrimonial

Rehabilitation of church of Tórtoles

Tarazona, 2009

The parish church of the Assumption of Our Lady of Tórtoles is a building erected in the first decade of the seventeenth century :...

Jon Tugores + Architects

EEC Church

Castelldefels, 2014

It was 1979, when George Lucas premiers 'Star Wars'. Where an old man named Obi Wan Kenobi (played by the great Sir Alec Guiness)...

Alberto Campo Baeza

Offices for Junta Castilla León

Zamora, 2012

In collaboration with Pablo Fernández Lorenzo, Pablo Redondo Díez, Alfonso González Gaisán and Fran...

Comas-Pont Arquitectes

Church square

Bagà, 2011

Square and parking design tries to adapt to the site topography and to enhance visuals in a privileged natural environment of agricultura...

Comas-Pont Arquitectes

Rehabilitation of towerbell of Pietat Church

Vic, 2009

The Pietat’s church is an emblematic work of the baroque architecture Vic. The belfry is one of the elements that mark our skyline....

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