Vivi's House

Photo © Jordi Comas Mora
Photo © Jordi Comas Mora
Photo © Jordi Comas Mora
Photo © Jordi Comas Mora
Photo © Jordi Comas Mora
Photo © Jordi Comas Mora
Photo © Jordi Comas Mora
Comas-Pont Arquitectes
c/dels Pins, 41, 08188 Vallromanes

The house is placed on the ground to adapt to the existing slope, dividing the program like steps. A waved ramp allows the access to the house. There are three existing levels and the house’s place faces all rooms to south and provides them of great views, a patio in the middle allows light in the access. The building is semi-buried, this fact let’s the continuity of the existing landscape above the house through vegetal roofs, these two elements give thermal inertia to the building.

The house was finished with Vinaixa’s stone with three different wide, used like a brick facade, reinforcing the horizontal house idea and achieving a perfect integration with the existing granite sand. Lateral facades are opaque contrary to south facades, where all rooms are faced to, these are full glazed and protected from the sun light by large concrete porches. The garden is treated with native vegetal species to integrate the house in the Mediterranean forest environment.

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