Súper Coffee & Food

Photo © Marcela Grassi
Photo © Marcela Grassi
Photo © Marcela Grassi
Photo © Marcela Grassi
Photo © Marcela Grassi
Photo © Marcela Grassi
Photo © Marcela Grassi
Visualization © sbA
Visualization © sbA
sandy brunner Architecture
Super Coffee & Food
Sandy Brunner, Maria Puebla Escola

The design brief for the Súper Coffee & Food Store was to create a restaurant and kitchen where good and healthy food is produced and sold either as a take away or consumed on site within the retail space.

The kitchen space is clean and functional with white tiles and steel. In this environment the food is the protagonist.

It is a colorful space. There are two eye catching red framed windows facing into a red space, that can be either used as a seat or as a shelving unit. They provide the space with options and therefore flexibility and at the same time define a unique element for the Súper Coffee & Food brand.

A significant constraint was the limited budget available for the project. The aim was to create a vibrant atmosphere, leading to the execution of a highly-personalized design based on a cozy environment using very raw materials. The materiality consists of yellow concrete blocks, with a new mustard-toned concrete slab integrating colorful carpentry.

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