Santa Eulalia Primary Healthcare Center

Santa Eulalia del Río
Mario Corea Arquitectura
Santa Eulalia del Río
Coauthors: Mario Corea, Lluis Moran, Collaborators: Evangelina Dania, Teresa Fonseca, Josafath Renteria, Paula Campra, Silvia Nece, José Prieto, Structure: Ignasi Valero, Installations: Inardi

Located in a residential area undergoing development on the outskirts of the town, the design proposal was based on reducing the visual impact of the building within the context of the two-story houses surrounding it while at the same time establish the identity of the center as a public building. Consisting of a central volume with two lateral volumes, which are articulated by the geometry of the site, a double criteria was used to organize the functional organization: on the one hand, similar functions are grouped together in each of the three blocks and on the other hand, the different departments are distributed on specific levels according to their use. The differentiated entrances define the public character of the center with pedestrian access via a plaza leading to the double-height entry hall and the ambulances’ entrance is through a covered area on the other side. In response to the luminous quality typical of the architecture of Ibiza, the principal materials utilized are white stucco and glass.

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