Cerdanya Hospital

Photo © Fernando Guerra
Photo © Fernando Guerra
Photo © Fernando Guerra
Photo © Fernando Guerra
Photo © Fernando Guerra
Photo © Fernando Guerra
Photo © Fernando Guerra
Camí d'Ur, 31, 17520 Puigcerdà
Alberto de Pineda, Manuel Brullet, Marcial Novo, Alfonso de Luna, Alba Casanovas, Jaume Piñol

Cerdanya Hospital is located on the north side of Puigcerdà, in a development area. This special geographical location allowed to apply a special legal instrument, the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (AECT, by its initials in Spanish), which allows the joint management of a hospital centre by the public health systems of neighbouring states. The project was also actively supported by the Territorial Cooperation Program Spain-France-Andorra (POCTEFA 2007-2013). The area of influence of the new hospital consists of 32,000 inhabitants, among the three countries, with a strong influx of tourists.

This building project is intended to define this new part of the city with the streets planned and a large tree-shaded square. To this end an imposing volume was projected, an urban landmark: a trapezium of low height, with the large roof sloping towards the plaza and a tower for installations which balances the horizontal quality of the whole.

Materials were chosen for high durability, suited to the high mountain environment: zinc roofing, stone façades and wooden closures. Exposed concrete is used as a closing element to guarantee the building's good functioning for years to come.

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