Restoration & Refurbishment of Grassot 10-12

照片 © Pepo Segura
© Mario Corea Arquitectura
© Mario Corea Arquitectura
© Mario Corea Arquitectura
© Mario Corea Arquitectura
照片 © Pepo Segura
照片 © Pepo Segura
照片 © Pepo Segura
照片 © Pepo Segura
照片 © Pepo Segura
照片 © Pepo Segura
Mario Corea Arquitectura
Coauthors: Mario Corea, Lluís Moran, Sebastian Guerrico, Collaborators: André Mota

In spite of its ruinous interior, this former carpenter’s workshop had great potential for conversion to an architectural office. The biggest challenge was how to introduce natural light into the two diaphanous spaces, each of which were covered by a pitched roof, typical of 19thcentury industrial design in Barcelona. The question was resolved by the design of a new ceiling incorporating skylights and supported by the crossbeams, which unfold across the two spaces almost like a big tent. A small courtyard was created at the rear, with the glazed facade providing additional natural light. The original facade and massive wooden door have been preserved “as is” enhancing the spatial experience of entry into the light-filled interior where a metal sheet ‘barcode’ establishes the reception area and partially conceals the work area, which is organized along continuous tables in the middle. The smaller volume was organized into sequential subdivisions containing the bathroom, kitchen, and model workshop.


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