Matadepera Multifunctional Community, Sports & Cultural Center

Mario Corea Arquitectura
Coauthors: Mario Corea, Francisco Gallardo, Colaborators: Lluís Moran, Diego Arraigada, Nicolás Campodonico, Sebastián Guerrico, Diego Jobell, Structure: BIS Arquitectes, Installations: AIA Instalaciones

The program called for a cultural and sports center for the town of Matadepera, a mostly residential area that has quite a vibrant community with a strong sense of identity. The pure rectangle of the building is formed by the integration of several elements. Two concrete volumes of equal dimensions define the end points on the main floor. On one side is the area for public festivities with a reversible stage that can be opened onto an exterior amphitheatre created by taking advantage of the slope of the site. On the other side is the cafeteria on a balcony overlooking the sports area that is located between the two volumes. On the lower floor there are the locker rooms and a gymnasium. To enhance its relationship with the residential area around it as well as establish its public character, the building was constructed four meters below the level of the street and was set back with respect to the party walls, creating a long public patio.


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