Hotel Arrey-Alella

Photo © 2gv arquitectura
Photo © 2gv Arquitectura
Photo © 2gv Arquitectura
Photo © 2gv Arquitectura
Photo © 2gv Arquitectura
2gv sensibilidad patrimonial

Inspired by tradition, wine, innovation and instinct to carry out a careful rehabilitation and transformation of a mid-nineteenth century house and its cellars in the Hotel Arrey-Alella, thus recovering part of its history.

The winemaking tradition of the area inspired us to work with materials such as natural wood and iron as they remind us of the barrel or vat used for aging wine. From the essence of these materials we have created furniture, coverings and decorative elements to emphasize the identity and personality of the different rooms of the hotel.

The most representative furniture of the common areas and rooms has been designed respecting the overall image of the hotel. For the tables and bathrooms, natural wood is used on a varnished metal structure. 

The structure of the beds is designed with a metal frame in which the headboard is made of the same wood as the rest of the elements. The same treatment is given to the mirrors and towel racks.

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