El Mercat de Glòries

Av. Diagonal 208. Barcelona, Spain, 08000 Barcelona

As part of the comprehensive renovation project for the Glòries shopping centre and following the opening of the “El Passatge” outdoor leisure and dining area, work is now going ahead on a new 3,200 m2 space which will provide a variety of gastronomic activities and opportunities to sample gourmet cuisine. The new space “El Mercat de Glòries” consists of a large restaurant with various culinary “corners” bringing together nineteen different companies, and a cookery workshop.

The design, inspired by Barcelona's traditional markets, uses modernist touches such as “trencadís”, elaborate ironwork, coloured glass, and mosaic encaustic tiles, upon which the kiosks are distributed around the central area. All of this combining the very latest materials: wooden boards which incorporate the lighting and white strips of composite material (corian) for the design of the ceilings, walls coated with lacquered glass and porcelain stoneware tiles for the main floor. 

El Mercat is located in the semi-basement of the shopping centre, with a direct street entrance on the corner of Avinguda Diagonal and Llacuna street. The market area can also be accessed through the indoor mall and through “El Passatge”, by way of a spectacular circular glass staircase which is illuminated at night and joins both levels to create a truly unique restaurant space.

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