Centro Botín

Santander, Spain
Planificateurs en éclairage
Artec Studio
Santander, Spain
Fundación Botín
ARCHITECT: Renzo Piano Building Workshop RPBW architects; Luis Vidal + arquitectos, PHOTO: ©Roland Halbe & ©Enrico Cano

A “ship” anchored in a see of reflections

The lighting design creates a relationship at night that links the new building, the sea and the city, without being overly obvious and giving the area a new character. The light explores the feeling of lightness, reinforcing the architectural concept. Interacting with the pearl coloured tiles and the translucent glass, the light transforms the building into a “ship” anchored in a sea of reflections.

The Pachinko, the nexus between the two lobes, provides an elegant lamp in the dark and eases access to the museum’s exhibition rooms which are fitted with led projectors capable of illuminating all types of exhibition.

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