America's Cup, Senzone Port

Photo © Hospes Hoteles, Iván Serrano & BMLD
Photo © Hospes Hoteles, Iván Serrano & BMLD
Photo © Hospes Hoteles, Iván Serrano & BMLD
Planificateurs en éclairage
Lighting Design

BMLD (Birgit Walter / Iván Serrano / Georg Kaiser)

Iván Serrano & Fernando Ansorena

Hospes Hoteles

Using the space given by the organization of the “America’s Cup” restaurant, Senzone Port has come to life. At the very east of the America’s Cup port and right in front of David Chipperfield’s “Veles e Vents” building, the pavilion provides spectacular views over the port, the sea- continuing Hospes Hotel’s philosophy.

The space is the outcome of a careful design, in which light and color play a fundamental part in the layout and definition of space. As an outcome, the interior design follows a fresh and innovative hierarchy of solid and fluid elements.

The Service and VIP areas represent the solid shapes surrounding a fluid space. The access through the solid bodies is like a stage with its red painted ceiling strip, reflecting the imaginary red carpet on the floor, leading us directly into an ambiguous theatrical set up, in which the viewer becomes the protagonist and vice versa. 

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