SPG Arquitectura

29 Viviendas en Cerdanyola

Cerdanyola, 2017

El planeamiento plantea una ordenación volumétrica específica que recoge la edificabilidad total del ámbito mediante la realización de do...

SPG Arquitectura

Viviendas Euterpe Sabadell

Sabadell, 2015

Se proyecta un edificio que hace esquina con la Rambla y la calle Sant Antoni Maria Claret, formado por dos plantas sótano, planta baja y...

Cosentino Swiss AG

Lagasca 99

Madrid, 2019

Eine Oase des Lichts im Herzen von Madrid Das Lagasca 99 ist ein innovatives Wohngebäude, das bereits jetzt die Aufmerksamkeit der Bewoh...

2gv sensibilidad patrimonial

Olesa Homes

Olesa de Montserrat, 2020

The development consists of a building that forms a quiet and attractive set of homes, all exterior, thus capturing natural light into th...



Sant Esteve d'en Bas, 2019

Renovation of a village house as an extension of next door Two slabs tie together these two homes – Can Man and Can Central – in the t...

Cierto Estudio

Illa Glòries

Barcelona, 2020

Cierto Estudio

Casa Cruce

Barcelona, 2019

Reforma y diseño de mobiliario de un piso en una finca regia de Barcelona. Finalista de un premio Fad en la edición 2020 en la categoria ...

Cierto Estudio

Edificio de 12 viviendas entre medianeras

Barcelona, 2019

Diseño y construcción de un edificio de 12 viviendas entre medianeras en Barcelona

COMA Arquitectura

3 apartment renewal

Barcelona, 2020

Refurbishment of three apartments with terraces, using minimum cost construction criteria. With integral renovation of the distribution t...

COMA Arquitectura


Barcelona, 2014

Housing Building. Contains 2 Dwelling, common spaces and a courtyard. Built with sustainability and low cost criteria design.

BAAS arquitectura

68 social housing units in [email protected]

Barcelona, 2015

The building stands in a strange location, in a courtyard at the centre of a city block in the [email protected] district with no direct access to the ...


AM Residences

Barcelona, 2019

Refurbishment of an office building into an apartment residential building, located in the center of the Eixample district in Barcelona, ...

OAB Ferrater & Partners

Twelve Houses in Carrer Fernando Poo

Barcelona, 2018

Located in the old fabric of Poble Nou, at a transitional point between the historic axis of María Agulló, the Rambla de Poble Nou, and t...



Sa Pobla. Mallorca, 2012



Palma de Mallorca, 2012

gus wüstemann architects AG

Can Bosc i Platja

Cala Llombards, Mallorca, 2018

Studio MK27

Caledonian Somosaguas

Madrid, 2017

The studio received a commission to create a gated community of houses on the outskirts of Madrid; Somosaguas, an “anti-crisis” product t...

Coll-Leclerc arquitectos

MIX DWELLING BUILDING AT [email protected] (Bcn)

Barcelona, 2018

For the first time in Barcelona, two usually separate programs are combined into the same building: social housing with temporary shelter...


Wohnhaus Barcelona

Barcelona, 2018

Haus für Freunde. Das Grundstück für ein Wohnhaus mit fünf Appartements und einem Ladengeschoss liegt im Quartier Poble Nou. Innerhalb ei...

Regula Rechsteiner

can cavalleria

palma de mallorca, 2016

Konzept für den Einbau von drei Eigentumswohnungen in eine historisch geschützte Villa in der Altstadt von Palma de Mallorca


“Pomaret” Houses

Collserola, Barcelona, 2012

The Project consists on a set of semi-detached houses located on the edge of the city of Barcelona, bordering Collserola’s ...

Blanca Gómez Gálvez - YTAA Shortlist

Las Delicias' Center for the Elderly


A mirror building "The main goal has been to highlight the existing buildings in search for the essence ...


Residential Development in Vallveric, Mataró

Barcelona, 2007

This complex of 33 apartments is located on a site with a steep inclination, well oriented and with views of the sea. Following a...


ETSAV Students housing

Sant Cugat del Vallès. Barcelona, 2009

The new university housing for students is located on the same plot as the School of Architecture of Vallès, BARCELONA TECH. The p...

Miralles/Tagliabue - EMBT

Santa Caterina Market and neighborhood: old…

Barcelona, 2005

A competition was opened to restore the Santa Caterina city market located in the old quarter of Barcelona in 1997. EMBT won the bid with...


Reforma de una vivienda en la calle Mariano Cubí

Barcelona, 2015


40 módulos de descanso para 4 apartamentos…

Barcelona, 2013

The commission was to tranform 4 dwellings of the same building into touristic apartments. The requirement to modify as less as possible ...

MBM Arquitectes

Olympic Village, Port and Litoral Park

Barcelona, 1992

Urban design of an area of 79 Ha for the Olympic Village (2.500 dwellings) of Barcelona 1992. Transformation of the seafront including 10...

Santi Vives Arquitectura

Social Housing ‘Bon Pastor’

Barcelona, 2010

The building is part of a set of trapezoidal shape that creates a courtyard. The building is divided into two volumes, a linear and recta...


Bioclimatic Homes in Les Borges Blanques

Les Borges Blanques, 2008

The project consisted building housing for four bioclimatic homes and two commercial locales in Les Borges Blanques, Lleida. This is a gr...

Ribas & Ribas Architects

Life Boas Ibiza

Ibiza, 2012

Undoubtedly this is a bold and innovative proposal that avoids all the usual clichés of architecture dedicated to apartment blocks...

Brullet de Luna

Social Housing Units Ribera Baixa

El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona), 2001

Estudi D'Arquitectura Toni Gironès

80 (40+40) Social Housing Apartments

Salou, Tarragona, 2009

The competition before the commission asked for a design of 80 social housing apartments located in the extreme North of Salou. Originall...

Estudi D'Arquitectura Toni Gironès

35 dwellings and its areas of transition in the…

Badalona, Barcelona, 2004

...A city with an established industrial tradition... A product of the rapid growth process that took place at the end of the Spanish civ...

Llongueras Clotet Arquitectes

25 social housing for young

Barcelona, 2005


Llongueras Clotet Arquitectes

Twin Houses

Es Mercadal, 2003

Two narrow and long twin houses featuring natural ventilation systems to cool the hot summer air, upper-ventilating by three areas: the e...

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