Leitat I+D Headquarters

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C/ de la Innovació, 2 Terrassa, 08225 Terrassa

LEITAT + Ajuntament de Terrassa

Robert Brufau BOMA. Higini Arau Acustica, + JT [ Helena Torres, Santi Mañero]

Project had to overcome first, the (still) surprise of the lot chosen. In the midst of a pine centennial consolidated in a forest, where it would have been better left as it was. We faced the project being cautious, knowing we were going to damage a natural environment. Once we had decided where to place the building perimeter, after a study where we locate the surface  that was 'less' traumatic, to the pine. We proposed a building divided in 4 layers.

  • Roof: Solar Energy Harvesting, copying the natural functions of the trees. Rest area; pavements with different concepts; Rubber recycled grass, sand ..slightly lower than the treetops, so that the user is immersed with-in them and the natural hierarchy.

  • First floor: it’s coincidence with the bulk of the pine, suggested the location of all offices and research areas, behind a facade where outside activity shouldn’t be visible. A clear intention not to want to disturb the local wildlife.

  • Ground floor, open building, Transparency, continuity, public area, library, administration.

  • Ground underground, noise, machinery. All machinery, very noisy, would be in a tight-closed underground to avoid noise pollution. It also adds the vehicle access.

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