Lower Manhattan Penthouse_03.Slide

New York City, USA
David Hotson Architect
5-20 pisos

The entrance to a tubular slide, constructed from mirror polished stainless steel, emerges through a circular hole cut in the seamless sloping glass partition at the south end of the Attic. The first leg of the slide passes through the attic glass, coils around the column over the guest bedroom, then slips through a second seamless glass window and out over the stair. At the bedroom entrance a landing provides an opportunity to make a local stop at the third level or to re-enter the slide to continue down to the entrance level. The lower slide coils down through the ceiling and into the Library on the main level, suspended from a single point within the floor structure above. As it reaches the end, the helical slide tube flares out to create a distorted rectangular mirror which forms the wall of the Library and deposits the intrepid visitor back in the Entrance Gallery at the foot of the staircase.

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