Diseño de Restaurante en Centro Comercial Las Arenas, Barcelona

2gv sensibilidad patrimonial

Aromas in Barcelona offers  an ecologic high quality product in an elegant and comfortable atmosphere . As you walk into this Bar you perceive this warm atmosphere, reminiscent of a lounge Barcelones, where coexist design furniture, hydraulic tiles with variable geometry and a sculptural roof that hovers above our presence. 

Clearly committed an image which differs from the aesthetics of a fast food restaurant that dominates the area, offering the passerby this warmth that invites to stay and consume a high quality product through an experience of peace and calm.

The service is oriented to an adult client profile, offering high quality product at best price. As it is a tourist and passerby area, it offers a quality economic alternative to fast food that predominates in the area in a comfortable space. His specilaity is organic food, pasta, tea and coffee import.

Staff skilled in the product advise and guide the guests according to their preferences and expectations, while they are reporting the growing, harvesting and product benefis offered.

With detail viability study, customer analysis and new design, the company has passed a bill four time more than initial, having recovered its investment in six months.

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