BAAS arquitectura

Barcelona Supercomputing Center

Barcelona, 2015

We have proposed an abstract box, a volume seen as a piece of industrial design deposited in the middle of the park and which is formalis...

sandy brunner Architecture

Office Weirather Wenzel & Partner 2

Barcelona, 2016

The project begins with the task from the Company WWP to design their second offices in Barcelona. To reduce the cost and the environment...




Para el proyecto de implantación de las oficinas de Goodman en España, nos encontramos con un local diáfano, en la que el núcleo de baños...


Zooco Madrid Estudio

Madrid, 2017

El concepto de este espacio surge de lo que queremos que el propio espacio exprese, ya que se trata de nuestro propio estudio. Queremos ...


Zooco Santander Estudio

Santander, 2019

El local está ubicado en esquina y posee dos fachadas exteriores con un marcado ritmo de huecos con forma de arco de medio punto que impr...

sandy brunner Architecture

Office Gas Natural

Barcelona, 2009

The Project begins with the priority of personalize the tower interiors depending on the function once the client is already the user of ...

sandy brunner Architecture

Office Red Bull

Barcelona, 2009

Black, cool and sporty – with views over the city. Dark-red lacquered furniture units – encased in a cloud.

Samaniego Arquitectos SLP


Logroño, 2004

Se trata de un volumen de dos alturas netamente conceptual y rotundo, concebido dentro de una caja horizontal tecnológica con un tratamie...

Mateo Arquitectura

Banc Sabadell Company Hub

Valencia, 2019

Banc Sabadell Company HUB is an experimental space designed as a meeting point and nexus of communication in the business world. In its ...



Calvià. Mallorca, 2014

Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura



sandy brunner Architecture

Office Weirather Wenzel & Partner

Barcelona, 2007

Interpretation of an oak-cabinet, transformed into an ice-blue landscape.

sandy brunner Architecture

Cage Gallery + Coworking

Barcelona, 2018

The goal of the project was the conversion of a dark ground-floor warehouse, located in a rarely frequented street in the Old Town of Bar...

Cruz y Ortiz

Oficinas para Consejería de Economía e…

Granada, 2010

La zona elegida para erigir la sede administrativa de la Junta de Andalucía en Granada, el polígono Almanjayar, no contribuía en absoluto...

Ignacio Borrego Arquitectos

Social Services Center in Mostoles.

Mostoles, 2011

Competition. 2009 – First Prize The program for the new municipal social services centre in Móstoles, Madrid, has two strong starting as...

Cruz y Ortiz

Junta de Andalucía

Sevilla, 2015

Oficinas para Consejería de Fomento y Vivienda en calle Picasso El proyecto propone dotar a la futura sede de las dos Consejerías de una...

Lagranja Design

Miura Private Equity

Barcelona, 2015

Does anybody like working at an impersonal standard office? I don’t and, luckily, neither does Miura. A while ago, and happily enough for...

NEOLITH® by TheSize

The Lariza Building

The Lariza Building in Tres Cantos, Madrid, recently underwent a refurbishment that brought the 1970’s build into the 21st century. Archi...

Lagranja Design


Barcelona, BARCELONA

The startup launched by Robert and David, Typeform, was experiencing such a rapid growth that it needed to be relocated in a brand new he...

RCR Arquitectes

Barberí Laboratory

Olot, Girona, 2008

“Making a dream come true: discovering a place to dream in, with meetings, debates, conversations, meditation, silence,...

Meritxell Inaraja i Genís

La Seca - 2

Barcelona, 2016

“La Seca”  is the name that received the Royal Factory of Currency, Mint,  of the Corona d’Arag&oacut...

Colomer-Aceves Arquitectes

Can Maurici office building

Vic, 2009

The building is located between two different urban growing areas. If we see it from “Mare de Déu de la Gleva” street, we see two little ...


Aqua Multiespacio

Valencia, 2007

Aqua Multiespacio is located a few meters from the City of Arts and Science in the old riverbed of the Turia. It contributes to a...


Prado Business Park

Madrid , 2018

Project for the complete restoration of a group of industrial buildings from the early XXth century, located in Madrid’s Ensanche Sur-Man...


Centre Caixa

Barcelona, 1991

Multi-purpose complex (tertiary, commercial and residential) consisting of three buildings with different volumes. The façade of the mos...

NUA arquitectures

Transformation of an old store into a studio

Tarragona, 2015

Tarragona, strategically located on a hill, has a close relationship with the Mediterranean. This geographical duality makes it possible ...


Conjunto de 459 Viviendas Sociales y Edificio…

Barcelona, 2011

El conjunto UA13 se plantea como un bloque plegado de grueso matizadamente variable desarrollado fundamentalmente en planta baja y nueve ...


Illa del Mar

Barcelona, 2008

El conjunto residencial Illa del Mar ocupa el extremo oriental del sector Diagonal Mar, en Barcelona. Forma parte de un conjunto de cinco...


Manzana Autosuficiente Cristóbal de Moura


El proyecto, situado en el distrito tecnológico [email protected] del Ensanche Cerdà de Barcelona, desarrolla la primera manzana energ&ea...

GINA Barcelona Architects

Massimo Dutti Head Offices

Tordera, Barcelona, 2013

The new Massimo Dutti office of the INDITEX Group has a rectangular floor plan, 220 metres long and 62 wide, completing its geometry with...

GINA Barcelona Architects

FCB Joan Gamper Training Facility

Sant Joan Despí, Barcelona, 2006

An important intervention for the promotion of sport in Catalonia, materializing FC Barcelona’s old dream of bringing together in o...


Refurbishment and extension of the Guardia…


This project consists on refurbishing and extending an already existent police barracks, located in the former Santa Creu Mental Institut...

ERV Arquitectes

Mercadona Building in [email protected] District

Barcelona, 2014

Se trata de un edificio comercial, oficinas y aparcamiento, en el Distrito [email protected] de Barcelona. A partir del programa de distribución...

Alonso | Balaguer

Arenas de Barcelona

Barcelona, 2011

In spite of the fact that the former bullring, in disuse since 1989 and with a neo-mudéjar style, didn’t actually have high ...

Alonso | Balaguer

Espai Baronda

Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona, 2006


GCA Architects

Torre Puig, Barcelona

Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, 2014

The tower strictly follows the floor plan and height established in the normative plans, and the proposition that it was to be perceived ...

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