Single House in Maresme, Barcelona


When confronted with this area of steep slopes, we saw the many possibilities that opened to work with in the face of a large program demanded by the property.

The premises were clear: large and bright spaces, to which we incorporate comfortable and efficient.

The study of the terrain, the climate of the area, the incidence of the sun, vegetation, views, ... were gradually placing the building and adjoining areas in the most optimal place to get the initial premises. The building and its external platforms are placed in order to get the earthwork balance the dumps and landfills. It is staggering the two floors above ground that allows the legislation, following the level lines and creating a continuous volume.

The study of existing vegetation was essential for implantation. The massing of the building is not free, but it responds to the existing topography and vegetation to conserve, making a study of it both, their conservation status, age and interest. Only fruit trees that were planted a year earlier were removed and some trees the agronomist advised us to remove for their conservation status

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