Municipal Cultural Facility, main plaza and central Market in Castellar del Vallès

Our studio begins its course of the "urban project" in the Poblenou Park (Olympic village) scheme which was part of the process of the great transformation of Barcelona for the Olympic Games of 1992. Our work is led by the conviction that city, architecture and landscape, are not autonomous and isolated disciplines that should be developed independently, but are the scales and materials of the urban project that interact in order to shape a new, complex reality. The scope of our own work in the studio is the urban project. That is, the creation of a place with specific character and identity, based on considerations of the historical memory and its traces; on functional needs and new activities; a balanced relationship with the environment and the new technologies; and on the social and cultural conditions of the public space. Over more than three decades (the current format of the studio begins in 1997) we have designed and carried through innumerable projects covering different 'fields' in architecture. As it is typical of many contemporary Catalan architects, we design within a large scope: from public buildings and social housing to different scale landscape and urban planning.

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