OVA Studio GmbH

Ascari Circuit Resort

Ronda, 2024

Pastor Vasquez Arquitectos


Sports Complex in Pallejà

Pallejà, Barcelona, 2021

Over the years, the area of ​​the outdoor courts of the Pallejà sports complex was shaped in a fragmented way to accommodate, gradually, ...



Olot, 2017

Edificio de servicios en la ciudad deportiva del Morrot Una plaza cuadrada, definida por dos porches y abierta a los campos de fútbol. E...

LDLuz_Lighting Design Studio

Holmes Place Balmes_Gym

Barcelona, 2018

Exclusive sports club in the center of Barcelona. Basement level renovation in the Spinning room, Directed activities and Functional trai...

LDLuz_Lighting Design Studio

Holmes Place Balmes_Yoga Studio

Barcelona, 2018

This lighting and architectural proposal evokes typical concepts found on the philosophy of Yoga: fluidity, harmony and balance. The main...

Alberto Campo Baeza

Multi-Sport Pavilion and Classroom Complex -…

Pozuelo, Madrid, 2016

Designed for the campus of the Francisco de Vitoria University, in Pozuelo (Madrid), the building will house a sports center and a classr...

Mario Corea Arquitectura

Convention & Sports Center

Tortosa, 2007

Located on a site along the Ebre River in an area undergoing urban development, this multifunctional building is the venue for trade fair...

Ruiz Pardo - Nebreda

Frontón Bizkaia

Bilbao, 2011

The building is located on the outskirts of the city, at the far end of the urban extension of Bilbao’s Miribilla district. One side face...

RCR Arquitectes

Tossols-Basil Athletics Track

Olot, Girona, 2000

The area called Tossols-Basil, which is designated for leisure activities, is located at the edge of both a city and a natural pa...

La Invisible

Palma Sport & Tennis Club

Palma de Mallorca, 2015

Lighting project about Palma Sport & Tennis Club, called formerly Mallorca Tennis. The listed building, was built in 1964, was...

Alonso | Balaguer

Arenas de Barcelona

Barcelona, 2011

In spite of the fact that the former bullring, in disuse since 1989 and with a neo-mudéjar style, didn’t actually have high ...

onl, arquitectura

Sports center

Vilanova del Vallès, Barcelona, 2003

We have kept two beautiful walnut trees which mark the area which used to be terraced agricultural land to indicate the oblique position ...

Brullet de Luna

Sport Complex Torre Roja

Viladecans, 2015

XNF Arquitectes

Sports Complex

El Papiol, 2010

The Adaptation of the Sports Area of El Papiol transforms the limits between three existing facilities: football field, sports centre and...

Xavier Vancells Arquitectura XVA

Headquarters of Atlètic Terrassa Hockey Club

Terrassa (Barcelona), 2010

The aim of this project is to refurbish and enlarge the headquarters of the AtléticTerrassa Hockey Club. The ATHC sports facilitie...

BCQ arquitectura barcelona

Marina Forum Barcelona 2004 Barcelona

Barcelona, 2007

A marina should be memorable for its activity rather than for its form. It has to be visible, easy to understand and to use. Hence the cl...

BCQ arquitectura barcelona

Skating Center

Girona, 2010

The new skating center is actually an extension of an existing sports pavilion. The volume is solved with the most clear and convincing g...

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