Colomer-Aceves Arquitectes

Multipurpose room in the Recreation center

Monistrol de Calders, 2010

The project is the reform of an old chicken coop to make a multi-function room. The main area is like a piece of furniture floating insid...

Colomer-Aceves Arquitectes

Single family house in Gurb

Gurb, 2011

It is a single family house located in a plain rectangular plot of a residential area. It has an underground floor with the garage and a ...

Colomer-Aceves Arquitectes

Single family house in Gurb

Gurb, 2006

The small plot and the absence of views in three of its façades make the house fold herself and organise its program around four exterior...

Colomer-Aceves Arquitectes

Single family house in Gurb

Gurb, 2002

The house is located in an irregular one thousand metre squared plot in the confluence of two streets. The south and east façades have go...

Colomer-Aceves Arquitectes

Can Maurici office building

Vic, 2009

The building is located between two different urban growing areas. If we see it from “Mare de Déu de la Gleva” street, we see two little ...

Colomer-Aceves Arquitectes

Single family house in Sant Julià de Vilatorta

Sant Julià de Vilatorta, 2013

The house is a ground floor building located in the ground floor of a stepped plot, where the 3 meters step of rock becomes its landscape...

Colomer-Aceves Arquitectes

Casa Bassols’ restoration and extension works

Vic, 2006

The owners of “Cal U” restaurant wanted to move its business to another place so as to improve their service without losing its essence. ...

Colomer-Aceves Arquitectes

Horta Vermella nursery school

Vic, 2008

The building begins with two concrete walls formworked with wood so as to evoque the trees that used to be next to the torrent long time ...

Colomer-Aceves Arquitectes

Veciana town hall

Veciana, 2010

The town hall has two entries: the main one is located in the ground floor, and it is for people in general; and the second one is locate...

Colomer-Aceves Arquitectes

Tavèrnoles civic center

Tavèrnoles, 2011

The project wants to solve the lack of space for public services in “Tavèrnoles”. For this reason, the building wants to be flexible to a...

Colomer-Aceves Arquitectes

Single family house in Sant Bartomeu del Grau

Sant Bartomeu del Grau, 2007

In the middle of a forest, on the edge of a cliff, it appears the opportunity to build a single family house to enjoy the peace of the ar...

Colomer-Aceves Arquitectes

Ca l’Anton’s restoration

Batet de la Serra, 2015

The rehabilitation project takes advantage of the disassembled materials. The main idea is to use traditional materials with modern techn...

Colomer-Aceves Arquitectes

Renovation of a kitchen, dining room and living…

Els Hostalets de Balenyà, 2013

Comas-Pont Arquitectes

Psychological Medical Center

VIC, Barcelona, 2016

All the rehabilitation services for people with mental illness are grouped in this building composed by the repetition of a 6m wi...

2gv sensibilidad patrimonial

Diseño de Restaurante en Centro Comercial Las…


Aromas in Barcelona offers  an ecologic high quality product in an elegant and comfortable atmosphere . As you walk into thi...

2gv sensibilidad patrimonial

Restauración de la Iglesia Virgen Del Rio en…

Zaragoza, 2009

Tarazona is a town, which by its geographical location, has always hosted Bishopric, so the belief of the people in the Catholic ...

2gv sensibilidad patrimonial

Single House in Maresme, Barcelona


When confronted with this area of steep slopes, we saw the many possibilities that opened to work with in the face of a large pro...

2gv sensibilidad patrimonial

Ampliación y reforma del hotel Arrey-Alella en…


Can Balcells is an isolated building datind from the nineteenth century. Located in the area of ​​Alella, it has always been a ho...


Muelle Uno

Málaga, 2011

In recent years Malaga has lived with its back to the sea, thanks to maritime activity that has kept the port off limits. This la...


ABC Serrano

Madrid, 2016

The historic ABC - Blanco y Negro newspaper building, located in one of Madrid’s areas of high standing, was converted into ABC Ser...


Antequera Train Station

Malaga, 2006

The high-speed train “AVE” station at Antequera arises like a natural part of the land, an accident on the terrain, in a plac...



Madrid, 2008

Regional shopping mall in a residential area to the southwest of Madrid, which will promote the expansion and improvement of the infrastr...


Puerto Venecia

Zaragoza, 2012

This is an innovative project, with modernity understood as mold-breaking in terms of comfort and quality, an architectural project based...


La Maquinista

Barcelona, 2000

Shopping centre built on an old factory lot in an area of the city historically isolated by the infrastructure and lack of planni...


Lagoh Shopping Centre

Seville, 2019

This retail project located in the south of Seville (Spain), near the Bermejales neighborhood and the Port, stands out for its ambitious ...


Aqua Multiespacio

Valencia, 2007

Aqua Multiespacio is located a few meters from the City of Arts and Science in the old riverbed of the Turia. It contributes to a...


The Vialia Vigo Center

Vigo, 2020

The Vigo-Urzaiz AVE Railway Station project seeks to modernize the cities urban structure with a design that will harmoniously blend its ...


Prado Business Park

Madrid , 2018

Project for the complete restoration of a group of industrial buildings from the early XXth century, located in Madrid’s Ensanche Sur-Man...


El Mercat de Glòries

Barcelona, 2014

As part of the comprehensive renovation project for the Glòries shopping centre and following the opening of the “El Passatge” outdoor ...


Centre Caixa

Barcelona, 1991

Multi-purpose complex (tertiary, commercial and residential) consisting of three buildings with different volumes. The façade of the mos...


Europa Tower

Barcelona, 2014

The project develops a residential tower at Plaza de Europa in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat as part of a larger development that...


Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

Madrid, 2023

Although the new envelope is shaped freely, its geometry is not accidental. The curved volumes are able to reflect light in a changing wa...


Eurobuilding Hotel

Madrid, 2016

This really unique building consists of a structure of concrete panels which inevitably dictate the rhythm of all the spaces. Wit...

Carlos Martinez Architekten

NAVE Schlafhaus, Bregenz/Asturien

Las Aceñas, 1997

Vorbild und Inspira­tion für das Schlaf­haus ist der «Hórreo», ein vom Erdboden abgeho­benes, kleines Gebäude, das in seiner traditio­nel...


“Pomaret” Houses

Collserola, Barcelona, 2012

The Project consists on a set of semi-detached houses located on the edge of the city of Barcelona, bordering Collserola’s ...


“Paideia" Special School

Barcelona, 2015

Paideia is a special education school for pupils with light and medium intellectual disabilities.  

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