1st prize New Train Station Herrliberg -…

Herrliberg - Feldmeilen, スイス, 2021

1st prize - gus wüstemann architects and hosoya schaefer architects win the competition for the new train station Herrliberg - Feldmeilen...

Can Jungla

Mallorca, 2020


The Pavilion House

Buchberg, スイス, 2020

Context This house is situated in Buchberg, a rural village near Zurich in Switzerland. The typology of the houses in this village is dom...


Mallorca, 2019


WBW Heuteil Bad Ragaz

スイス, 2019

Das Quartier in Bad Ragaz Das Grundstück befindet sich an einer Schnittstelle verschiedenster Einflussbereiche. In der heutigen Situation...

WBW Freihampton Cooperative Housing

München, ドイツ, 2019

Greenhouse Städtebau und Architektur Die neue Wohnsiedlung Greenhouse für die Baugenossenschaft Kooperative Grossstadt in München Freih...

Affordable Housing Langgrütstrasse

Zürich, スイス, 2019

The Baechi Foundation contracted gus wüstemann architects to build a housing block in Zurich with a high living quality on a low budget. ...

Can Bosc i Platja

Cala Llombards, Mallorca, 2018

Country House Felanitx

Mallorca, 2018

Hardau - Social Housing

Zürich, スイス, 2018

Städtebau und Architektur Die neue Wohnsiedlung Hardau I ist typologisch eine Weiterführung der Block¬randüberbauung der Hardstrasse. Si...

Housing Zollikon

Zürich, スイス, 2017

Country House Santanyi

Mallorca, 2017

The property is surrounded by olive groves near Santanyi in Mallorca. On a gently sloping southern slope offer beautiful views of the sur...

Country House Ses Salines

Mallorca, 2017

House Z22 and Warehouse F88

Zurich, スイス, 2017

In Dialogue With HistoryHouse Z22 and Warehouse F88 - This is a Reconstruction of a multi-family ho...

Housing Magliaso

Magliaso, スイス, 2016

New Nationalgalerie Berlin

Berlin, ドイツ, 2016

„Ideenwettbewerb für das Museum des 20. Jahrhunderts und seine städtebauliche Einbindung “ International Competition, Berlin, Germany Jan...

Bauhaus Museum Dessau

Dessau, ドイツ, 2015

Pavillon im Stadtpark Bauhausidee im 21. Jahrhundert In der Sinnlichkeit und Nachhaltigkeit sehen wir die Grundpfeiler der Bauhausidee de...

Wien Museum Neu

Wien, オーストリア, 2015

Renovation and Extension for the Wien Museum in Karlsplatz Urban Planning – The protagonists of the public flow on Karlsplatz The expans...

Moskito Island Resort

British Virgin Islands, 2014

Housing Labitzke

Zürich, スイス, 2014

Los Limoneros

Marbella, 2014

Program – The plot is situated in a suburban area of private villas next to a golf course near Marbella, Spain. 
The program is a house f...

Apartment House Stone H

Zürich, スイス, 2014

Program and context – The site is located in the district 6 in the city of Zurich, originally a residential neighborhood with large garde...

Hotel Mondrian

Paris, フランス, 2013

Ancient spaces play when new energies meet: a passage through Paris The ancient space is dressed to make new energies meet. The space s...

Green Square Library

Sydney, Australia, 2012

Knowledge is the development from nature to culture. The content of cultures has always been collected and stored in libraries. Knowledge...

Study House vRm

Zumikon, スイス, 2012

2 Verandas

Erlenbach, スイス, 2012

This is a house for a young South African family in Erlenbach, just outside Zurich along the lake. The plot is in a suburban context and ...

Allschwil School

Allschwil, スイス, 2011

Crusch Alba

Barcelona, 2009

The project is our flat in Barcelona in the Gotico area, in the center of the historic part of Barcelona. A challenge was the very hetero...

Bar 0815

Zürich, スイス, 2008

Mediaxis Media Lab

Schlieren, スイス, 2008

An alien for mediaxis The alien The project was to convert an old factory next to the train station in Schlieren Switzerland, into a ne...

Student Hotel Melon District

Barcelona, 2008

MelonDistrict is not a building but a district. The MelonDistrict can be seen as a mini urbanization, like a small area of the city, whi...

Feldbalz House

Herrliberg, スイス, 2008

it’s not a house but a family sculpture looking for freedom and social interaction. family life / public life we created the sculpture ...

TBWA Office Building

Zürich, スイス, 2006

miami in zurich _ a low budget urban office layout when I was asked to design the new offices for the tbwa switzerland (advertising agen...

House G6

Zürich, スイス, 2004

Cedrus office

Meilen, スイス, 2004

This study commission asked for an overlay of various programs, such as industrial storage space, office space and residential lofts. On ...

The Glacier

Lucerne, スイス, 2004

the design concept – the project was to design a new generous loft in the attic of the house at loewengraben 13 in the old town of Lucern...