Roche Canteen


This canteen is proposed as a 2 storey building with large cantilevered terraces. The facades are mostly glazed and the transparency allows a generous view to the large green surroundings.

The first floor hosts in a long room the entrance for the guests, a small café/ dining area for fast food and lounge (with internet access). In front of these rooms is a covered terrace for outdoor seating. A large stair brings the guest up to the 2nd floor with the main dining area. The counters are organized as an island, allowing flexibility inside and clear guest flow outside without cross flow. The dining area of 500m2 has no columns. Furniture is flexible and may be removed easily. The room has the potential for multifunctional use. It is the largest on site and gives the possibility for events receiving over 500 guests. The terraces provide sun shading and may be used during spring and autumn for outdoor dining. The appearance of the building will relate well with the other existing and new buildings on site.

This two storey glass curtain wall building is a high-end canteen for Shanghai Roche. Simple in its design, functional in its use, and attentive in its material and craft, the canteen reflects the corporate culture of Roche. The interior design is able to accommodate different function requirements and various guest flows at different times of the day. A covered terrace surrounds the canteen on three sides, providing a space for outdoor dining and relaxation. Simultaneously, the terrace also serves as a shading device, eliminating the need for sun blinds which would block the views of the outside landscape.

Building area
2700 sqm

Roche pharmaceuticals co., LTD

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