La Frasca

D’Aura Architecture is a net of a series of places and people, all passionate about architecture, research and experimentation. A “studio” rather than an office, where research is always present favouring the shift of paradigms; a space rather than a place to seek opportunities throughout a flux of resources, collaborations and time. A work process more than a way of working, driven by data collection, analysis, strategy, praxis and knowledge. Inquiry, design, materialise and prove as attitude.

Espacio ARQUITECTURA & URBANISMO Architecture__ Research_ Corporate Architecture_ Territorial and Strategic Planning_ Master Plans_ Urban Projects_ Mobility studies_ Ephemeral Architecture_

Espacio SPORT & LEISURE Sports Infrastructures _Leisure facilities_ Multisport Pavilions_ Swimming Pools_ Sports Planning and Management Consultancy_ Gyms & Spa Areas_ Multisport Pitches/tracks_

Espacio PATRIMONIO Rehabilitation_ Refurbishment_ Heritage_ Historic Buildings and their sensitive environments_

Espacio STRUCTURAL DESIGN Structural designs_ Technical Advice and Supervision_ Singular structures_


  • 建築家