Archikubik, ecosystem of architecture, urbanism and urban landscape, constituted in 2001 by MARC CHALAMANCH, MIQUEL LACASTA and CARMEN SANTANA, is composed by an international and multi-disciplinary team that Works in an atmosphere of R&D in @kubik space, in Barcelona. 

Its process of urban and architectural work is framed within the constant development of synergies and exchanges between public space and private participative space, with the purpose of rethinking our cities from the concept of the e-polis, the polis of the information society, as a place for learning, debate, diversity, respect and exchange. 

Conceiving, giving the chance to inhabitants to become eco-citizens within communities, through architecture, to make public space an opportunity to rephrase our territories and our cities in the era of social networks.   

In order to conciliate this, our projects are based on the scale 1/ ♥, a system that is capable of going further to be included within a transversal ecosystem, with the aim of articulating a global vision in a territorial scale, the one from the city, the neighborhood and the human scale, all of it incorporated to the time vector. 

Our investigation is centered in the wide interpretation of ‘’green’’ as a tool for creation, as an infrastructure for the territory, with the objective of creating an organoleptic environment, open and sensitive. The productive landscape as a horizon for reflection. 

Moving forward in a process of urban network acupuncture, all the projects and scales represent a chance to start strategies and tactics that allow to go further than the conventional codes that belong to last centuries’ industrial world. The investigation of new typologies to approach the constant transformations of society is part of our DNA.

The team:
With the aim of reinforcing our investigations and incorporating the results to our projects, we are part of the architecture schools of Barcelona, ETSAB and ESARQ, with different levels of action, teaching and coordinating different classes, masters and workshops. 

Our structure is constituted by a mixed polyglot team: Seven project chiefs coordinating teams and guaranteeing the follow-up of each project from conception to execution. In fact, we always approach our projects from a global point and make sure its completion thanks to a very close relationship with our partners: engineers, economists, construction managers.. With all of them we have tight links and confidence which allows us to guarantee the quality of each of our interventions through all the stages.  

Latest awards: 
Mention of Architecture category ASCER Ceramic Prize 2015. Parking Saint Roch, Montpellier, France

International FAD Award 2015. 253 Houses in Ivry-sur-Seine, France

Award Futurs Possibles 2014. ZAC Rouget de Lisle, France

Chevalier de L’ordre des arts et des lettres, 2014. Madame Carmen Santana

Award A+ for educational buildings, 2010. Sunion School, Barcelona
International Architecture Award, Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design, 2008. Colin’s House

Expositions on 2015:
Exposition in the Spanish embassy in Berlin, Germany. Mirror stories of Spanish architecture (2000-2015)

Exposition in the Disseny Hub in Barcelona, Spain. FAD Awards 2015


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