Agrob Buchtal

Beyond the Family Kin Housing

Madrid, 2023

Innovatives Wohnkonzept für die Zukunft: Ein Mehrgenerationenhaus in Madrid vereint traditionellen Baustil mit moderner VHF Keramikfassad...

sandy brunner Architecture

Penthouse Sarrià Terrace

Barcelona, 2022

Two big private terraces complement the penthouse in the outdoor space. The first level linked to a party kitchen with a bar counter is u...

AHEAD Barcelona Healthcare Architecture

Masterplan of the New Hospital Clínic


The Master Plan of the new Hospital Clínic, located at Villaroel Street in Barcelona, spans an area of 208.360 sm.

AHEAD Barcelona Healthcare Architecture

Transformation of the Natural Therapeutic Space…


The project focuses on creating a unique space. This garden becomes the heart of the installation, blending all open spaces topographical...

AHEAD Barcelona Healthcare Architecture

Clinic of Applied Biological Medicine “Exolife”

Barcelona, 2020

The action has carried out the adaptation of an unused local for the new clinic of applied biology, with a functional program of medical ...

AHEAD Barcelona Healthcare Architecture

New Hospital Clinic at Provença Street


The project proposes an integrated architecture in the grid of the Eixample. However, it reinterprets the relation between the building a...

AHEAD Barcelona Healthcare Architecture

Outpatient Consultation Center at Arnau de…


Regarding the project for the competition, the planned surface area was 18,292 sm, reflecting the size and complexity of the facilities t...

AHEAD Barcelona Healthcare Architecture

PAU II Healthcare Centre


The project originates studying the topography of the plot. The entire ground floor is located up to the meeting of the slab with the hei...

AHEAD Barcelona Healthcare Architecture

Mas d’Enric Penitentiary

El Catllar, Tarragona, 2012

Based on our experience with the Mas d'Enric penitentiary, we claim the prison as an object of critical design and we reclaim architectur...

AHEAD Barcelona Healthcare Architecture

Extension and Renovation of the Bassa d’Alcoi…

Bassa d’Alcoi

The building proposal is clear in terms of the distribution of areas within the Health Center, generating a precise and efficient functio...

AHEAD Barcelona Healthcare Architecture

Healthcare Center in Vinarós

Vinarós, 2023

The building proposal is clear regarding the distribution of areas within the Health Center, generating a precise and efficient functiona...

AHEAD Barcelona Healthcare Architecture

MGS Geriatric Residences

Madrid, Barcelona, Sant Cugat del Vallès, 2022

Geriatric Residence in Madrid (co-autor: Virai Arquitectes): Refurbishment of an existing building in Madrid at the structural level, dis...

AHEAD Barcelona Healthcare Architecture

Renovations at Bellvitge Hospital

Barcelona, 2024

Cardiology Service: The first guideline of this project was the total reconfiguration of the sector, with a redistribution of circulation...

AHEAD Barcelona Healthcare Architecture

Renovations at Sant Joan de Déu Hospital

Barcelona, 2024

“Casa de Sofía” Chronicity and palliative care complex: Casa de Sofia is a pioneering healthcare space in Catalonia that provides compreh...

AHEAD Barcelona Healthcare Architecture

Renovations at Clínic Hospital

Barcelona, 2024

Ophthalmology Surgical Area:The new Ophthalmology surgical area occupies an area of 900 sm and has four operating rooms with the most inn...

AHEAD Barcelona Healthcare Architecture

Renovations at Vall d'Hebron Hospital

Barcelona, 2024

·Pediatric Hospitalization Unit: The hospitalization proposal is based on the circulation scheme in an H shape, which allows natural ligh...

AHEAD Barcelona Healthcare Architecture

Surgical Block and ICU. Vall d'Hebron Hospital

Vall d'Hebron, 2010

This is a unique project in the General Hospital building. The design comes from the need to rationalize and bring together the different...

AHEAD Barcelona Healthcare Architecture

New VHIR Building Vall d'Hebron

Vall d'Hebron

Since the location of the new project is behind the traumatology building, our first decision has been to gain visibility by extending th...

AHEAD Barcelona Healthcare Architecture

Extension and Renovation of the Hospital of…

Sabadell, 2007

The Sabadell Hospital has been extended in a first phase with a new building perpendicular to the old ones, and a new volume with a stair...

AHEAD Barcelona Healthcare Architecture

New Hospital in Aranda del Duero

Aranda del Duero

The foundation of the proposal is to reconcile the two major categories that define the future of hospitals: humanization and sustainabil...

AHEAD Barcelona Healthcare Architecture

Center for the Elderly in Zamora


The project seeks to solve an occupation in an irregular triangular-shaped plot that allows an adequate arrangement of the groups of livi...

AHEAD Barcelona Healthcare Architecture

Elderly Residence Mas Piteu

Barcelona, 2008

The Elderly Residence, located on the outskirts of Barcelona, aims to solve the transition from an urban area to the Collserola Park. The...

AHEAD Barcelona Healthcare Architecture

Extension of the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital of…

Manresa, 2010

The new building is conceived as a set that suits the overall topography of the land that has a difference in elevation between the extre...

AHEAD Barcelona Healthcare Architecture

Benito Menni Mental Health Care Complex

Sant Boi de Llobregat

Master Plan: 40,690 m2 and Project: 42,187 m2. The Benito Menni Complex, a historic center dedicated to treating mental health disorders...

AHEAD Barcelona Healthcare Architecture

Day Center for Dependent Elderly People in…

Meliana, 2023

The project develops a building, initially on the ground floor, with several open areas that allow the different functional spaces of the...

AHEAD Barcelona Healthcare Architecture

Extension of Tortosa Hospital

Tortosa, Tarragona

The proposed urbanization plan for the new hospital complex aims to enhance connectivity with the city of Tortosa at various levels. Firs...

sandy brunner Architecture

Auditorium ESB

Barcelona, 2023

This intervention is characterized by providing functionality, light, spatial clarity and rhythim to the existing space. It is a project ...

SAKO Architects


Barcelona, 2007

"Imaginarium" is a portmanteau of "imagination" and "rium" (place), and it is the name of a toy brand from Spain. The flagship store is l...


Palau Fugit


El diseño interior de El Equipo Creativo para el Hotel Palau Fugit se basa en una cuidadosa fusión de elementos históricos y contemporáne...

Mateo Arquitectura

MK Residence

Mallorca, 2023

The visual connection with an exceptional landscape (sea, mountains, land), which also varies as you rise in height, has been a central a...

OYO Architects

La Marina Innovation Hub

Valencia, 2020

Valencia Innovation Bay is the gateway to everything that is happening in La Marina de Valencia. We proposed the transformation of the fo...




Neubau EFH Spanien

cruu architecture – mehwald + geitlinger

casa L

Lajares, 2024

Neubau eines Einfamilienhauses in Lajares (Fuerteventura) Das Gebäude wird als Massivbau in Stahlbetonskelettbauweise erstellt.

OVA Studio GmbH

Ascari Circuit Resort

Ronda, 2024

Pastor Vasquez Arquitectos

sandy brunner Architecture

Headquarter Gas Natural - Executive Zone

Barcelona, 2009

In line with the office design, a more elegant, diplomatic, austere, and warm intervention is chosen for the Gas Natural headquarters. Th...

sandy brunner Architecture

Office Terrace Isolutions

Barcelona, 2023

In line with the character of the offices and aligned with the values pursued by the company, the aim was to design a vibrant, modern, an...

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