Photo © Marek Jarosz
Photo © Marek Jarosz
Photo © Marek Jarosz
Photo © Marek Jarosz
Photo © Marek Jarosz

Commercial Center Diagonal Mar

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Architect: Francesc Rife Studio - CBRE - CC245, Project Manager: CBRE, Engineer: JG Ingenieros

The mall’s shape is rectangular in floorplan and its long corridors act as main axis, visually interrupted by three rotundas, one main one at the center of its length and two secondary ones located at the end of the hallway. The third floor has a very dominant skylight throughout its length which is visible from all floors.

The lighting scheme focuses on the main skylight and the linearity of the space providing “the line” within hallways, the “spiral” and a playful sculptural element to interact with the skylight while allowing its view and daylight contribution.

These systems work together with a recessed mounted ceiling downlight within acoustical panels that provide the required lighting levels. Lighting levels are set during the day at 200 lux in the corridors and at 300 lux on the main axis, lowering the levels during the night, which allows for the architectural elements to have a greater visual impact.

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