Francis Alberto, Almonte Carrasco

CO- Building Communities


Intergenerational Cooperative Residential Centre: cohousing, coliving, coworking The project studies the new ways of living, understandi...

Álvaro Alcázar Del Águila



Renaturalization of Llobregat river in its passage through Sallent Oasi is the renaturalization of a strongly transformed area caused by...

Ecosistema Urbano Arquitectos

Plaza Ecopolis Kindergarten and New Public Space

Rivas-Vaciamadrid, 2010

Contemporary society is imposing new challenges to architecture, beyond the formal experimentation that monopolizes much of its recent hi...

Ecosistema Urbano Arquitectos


Madrid, 2007

The Eco-boulevard in Vallecas can be defined as an urban recycling operation consisting of the following actions: insertion of an air tre...


Cordoba Heritage Masterplan

Cordoba, 2014

Exterior Lighting Design: Conceptual Masterplan for Heritage Buildings and Surroundings. Execution of Axerquia Heritage Areas


Avila’s New Nightscape

Avila, 2016

City Masterplan and Monumental Facades


Light Rivers

Valladolid, 2010

Exterior Lightig Design for 35 monuments in a city tour.

Miralles/Tagliabue - EMBT

Santa Caterina Market and neighborhood: old…

Barcelona, 2005

A competition was opened to restore the Santa Caterina city market located in the old quarter of Barcelona in 1997. EMBT won the bid with...

Lacomba Setoain Arquitectos Asociados

West Strategic Residential Area. Els Erals - El…

Balaguer (Lleida)

Project in collaboration with Eduard Bru, architect. This is an extension to the city of Balaguer. Something more than con...

Bruno Remoué & Associats

Urban park of Tres Turons hills


This study comes with the urbanistic process of transforming the Tres Turons hills into a park, to make it one of the major parks of Barc...

Bruno Remoué & Associats

Redevelopment design of neglected railway lands…


The implementation of a new civic boulevard, image of summer time eco mobility, allows bringing new life in pedestrian, commercial and cu...

MONOLAB architects

WEBBING - Flow Polis

Agüimes, 2006

WEBBING - FLOWPOLIS © 2006. International design competition. Award: 2nd prize. Client: COAC - Collegio de Arquitectos de Canarias. ...



Burgos, 2001-2002

Dots&Loops formuliert für den Süden von Burgos eine durchlässige Stadtkante. Im Sinne eines verwobenen Stadt-Land-Verhältnis wird mit Tür...

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