sandy brunner Architektur

Penthouse Sarrià Terrace

Barcelona, 2022

Two big private terraces complement the penthouse in the outdoor space. The first level linked to a party kitchen with a bar counter is u...

Chaves Biedermann GmbH


Madrid, 2017-2023

Der Vaguada Park gilt als beliebtes Naherholungsgebiet der umliegenden Quartiere im Zentrum der Metropole Madrid. Ziel ist es, die Parkan...

2gv sensibilidad patrimonial

Adequacy of outdoor space

Viladecans, 2016

Due to the constraints and the environment of the area of action, it is proposed to make the most of the pre-existence. This is why it is...

Meritxell Inaraja i Genís

Castle Tower Restoration

Santa Margarida de Montbui, 2020

The Tossa de Montbui castle is located 620 meters above sea level on a hill in the southwest part of the city of Igualada. Since medieval...

Alberto Ballesteros Barea

Paths that life does not erase

San Sebastián

Conversion of a factory into a cemetery Routine procedures currently deprive final moments of significance, deteriorating mourning custo...

Álvaro Alcázar Del Águila



Renaturalization of Llobregat river in its passage through Sallent Oasi is the renaturalization of a strongly transformed area caused by...

LeA atelier | Landscape Ecology Architecture

Urbanización en desnivel: pasaje…

Barcelona, 2019-2021

Nuevo espacio público: Pasaje de nueva creación, comprendido entre las calles de Fastenrath (nº43) y Arenys (nº56-58), entre tres bloques...

LeA atelier | Landscape Ecology Architecture

Zonas verdes municipales Murcia, 2º Premio

Murcia, 2019

PAISAJE 3D MULTIFUNCIONAL En los parques y jardines de Murcia contamos con un arbolado maduro muy interesante. Estamos heredando un gran...

COMA Arquitectura

Liceo Frances Pergola and exterior terrace

Barcelona, 2019

Construction of wooden pergola for sun protection of a summer outdoor dining room.

LeA atelier | Landscape Ecology Architecture

Mirador de la Gola de Marchamalo, 2º Premio

La Manga del Mar menor, Murcia, 2018

En la Gola de Marchamalo sucede algo muy singular a nivel paisajístico: la unión de dos mares, dos entidades con distinto carácter, uno m...

LeA atelier | Landscape Ecology Architecture

Paisajismo en Park Güell

Barcelona, 2014

Estudio de necesidades y proyecto ejecutivo de mejora de drenaje, pavimentos y jardinería del camino de la Pressió, el Hort de l’Avi y l...

Ecosistema Urbano Arquitectos

Plaza Ecopolis Kindergarten and New Public Space

Rivas-Vaciamadrid, 2010

Contemporary society is imposing new challenges to architecture, beyond the formal experimentation that monopolizes much of its recent hi...

Ecosistema Urbano Arquitectos


Madrid, 2007

The Eco-boulevard in Vallecas can be defined as an urban recycling operation consisting of the following actions: insertion of an air tre...

Batlle | Roig Architects

Recovery of the Old Gypsum Mines of Igualada

Igualada, Barcelona, 2018

The work is framed within the global project of the Igualada’s Green Ring, which aims at creating a set of pedestrian and bicycle itinera...

BCQ arquitectura barcelona

Remodelation of Sarajevo Bridge

Barcelona, 2016

2016 | Selected work 9th Rosa Barba Landscape International Award Landscape architecture must inspire comfortable feelings to the city. ...

Maria Cerdà - YTAA Shortlist

Butterfly Landing

Llobregat Park, Barcelona

A minimum Intervention for a big evolutionary leap "Butterflies as important environmental indicators, p...

Cadaval & Solà-Morales

Cieza Urban Renovation


We have come across a city edge which has no relationship with the natural environment which surrounds it. El Paseo de Ronda surrounds th...

MBM Arquitectes

Olympic Village, Port and Litoral Park

Barcelona, 1992

Urban design of an area of 79 Ha for the Olympic Village (2.500 dwellings) of Barcelona 1992. Transformation of the seafront including 10...

Forgas Arquitectes

Cims de Montjuïc/ Montjuïc Heights. Passeig del…

Barcelona, 2004-2015

Cims de Montjuïc-Montjuïc Heights is a project and an overall concept of the high part of the mountain, promoting Montjuïc as the centra...

Forgas Arquitectes

Reform of the Orangutan's space in the Zoo of…

Barcelona, 2015

With this intervention the conditions of the old orangutans facility were radically improved, wish will allowed better life conditions, b...

Batlle | Roig Architects

Garraf Waste Landfill

Begues, 2020

The Vall d’en Joan waste dump was opened in 1974 in a valley in the limestone massif of El Garraf, in the natural park of the same ...

Hidalgo Hartmann

Path with swimming pool

Jafre, 2005

The landscape intervention is located at the flatland of the Empordà, surrounded by vast extensions of agricultural fields sprinkl...

Ruisánchez Arquitectes

Vallparadís - Can Jofresa Park

Terrassa, 2011

(Project in association with: Francesc Bacardit, Ferran Pont, Montserrat García) The development of the Can Jofresa-Vallpar...

Ruisánchez Arquitectes

Güell River Park

Vilablareix, 2010

The town of Vilablareix in Girona province (Catalonia, Spain) was planning a considerable growth further south of its old urban centre.

Bruno Remoué & Associats

Metropolitan park of the Glories square

Barcelona, 2013

In the middle of the three major mobility axes of Barcelona, the square is the paradigm of a new centrality, where major infrastructures ...

Bruno Remoué & Associats

Urban park of Tres Turons hills


This study comes with the urbanistic process of transforming the Tres Turons hills into a park, to make it one of the major parks of Barc...

Bruno Remoué & Associats

Redevelopment design of neglected railway lands…


The implementation of a new civic boulevard, image of summer time eco mobility, allows bringing new life in pedestrian, commercial and cu...

Coll-Leclerc arquitectos

Montsalvatge Park

Barcelona, 2006

We are looking for a new perspective, the aerial vision, more in tune with the XXIst century than the frontal vision of the passer-by, mo...

OAB Ferrater & Partners

Botanical Garden of Barcelona

Barcelona, 1999

The new botanical garden of Barcelona is set on the northern slope of the Montjuïc hill. The site stretches over an area of 15 hecta...

BCQ arquitectura barcelona

Plaça Vila de Madrid

Barcelona, 2003

The departure point for this project was the particular role of Plaça Vila de Madrid in the system of public open spaces in the old town ...

BCQ arquitectura barcelona

Plaça de l'Amistat

Barcelona, 2007

2008 | Shortlisted 5th Rosa Barba European Landscape Prize This project began with a process of public participation when residents expr...

BCQ arquitectura barcelona

Archaeological Park Castle of Calafell

Tarragona, 2012

The project called Archaeological Park: a series of actions carried out in order to make known the existing archaeological sites, but at ...

Alberto Campo Baeza

Between Cathedrals

Cádiz, 2009

The project “Between Cathedrals” seeks to create an intervention worthy of the most significant location in the history of Ca...

Comas-Pont Arquitectes

Church Square

Bagà, 2011

Square and parking design tries to adapt to the site topography and to enhance visuals in a privileged natural environment of agricultura...

enrica dall'ara | p'arc

Nuovo Campus delle Scienze Mediche

Granada, 2006

Autori: Marazzi architetti + P'ARC Ingegneria Strutturale: Favero & Milan Ingegneria Concorso Internazionale di Progettazione: 2006 |...

STAR strategies + architecture

Manzana 5


The brief of the competition predetermined the volume and shape of the block. Upon initial review, we wondered why the three slabs of the...

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