Sports Complex in Pallejà

Rooted at Poblenou’s industrial quarter, Barcelona’s 22@Innovation district, JPAM has been actively involved in its transformation at city planning and architecture levels.

#Heritage – Established in 2013, we came from the practice of Manuel de Solà-Morales, an approach based on urban thinking with great attention to the city’s architectonic form. Such heritage stands at the basis of our making.

#Architectonic urbanism – JPAM’s core of interest stands in the City, its material, cultural and civic transformations and the necessary changes that architecture as its material expression engages. To deal with the increasing city complexity in social and environmental terms, our practice has evolved becoming more transversal and multidisciplinary, joining more talent in the team with the purpose to build difference in ordinary life.

#Using the existing – On sites and cities, we are focused on what exists: re-imagining its organization, opening possibilities and evolving its expression to build a clear urban environments.

#Focused Innovation – We believe in innovation driven by purpose, concerned to improve the ordinary life and its full experience at its urban and architectonic expression.

#Material makers – We are extremely concerned about the material performance of buildings, their capacity to adapt new programs and to contribute to build urban places. Construction becomes a mean to create. We want to retain a craftsmanship approach combined with the possibilities that new technologies offer.

#Doing together – Craftsmanship and discussion with users and customers stay at the core the leading forces in our making as our disciplinary approach. We value teamwork both as a way of developing rewarding relationships with colleagues, clients and consultants, and as a tool for broadening our cultural and disciplinary references.

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