Qian Jiang Century City Office building


GCA architects is located in Barcelona’s town centre. It is an architecture and design office whose creativity with design is capable of bringing out feelings and thrills out of simplicity, because of its character and personal touch in its technical determination.

The way of observing the architecture and the lifestyle, in a global form, has marked and led us to be in charge of a large number of hotel trade buildings and corporate headquarters, which have been rewarded, as well as residential and commercial areas.

Exterior and interior design; image, light, constant transformation and modernity are the values which define Barcelona, The Mediterranean and our outlook as well. The locations, the social setting and the cultural scene are the ways which lead our inspiration; the materiality and its texture.

All these values, with the search for the personal touch; the quality and precision build up our attitude towards learning and constant innovation reflects the common denominator of our design team.

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