Family House

Ros Sutrias and Associates is an architectural office founded in 1999. Since then, our office has developed a significant number of projects and work, covering different scales, from urban planning to interior design or rehabilitation, especially in the public sector. Among the designed buildings we highlight: primary assistance centres, hospitals, universities, primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, sports centres, courthouses and social housing. The two founders of the office, Jordi Ros and Jordi Sutrias, are vinculated with the academic world since they are professors in the Architecture School of Barcelona. Therefore, their projects are not only the simple construction of a programme, but also an opportunity to investigate new ways of understanding architecture. Along with the aesthetic ambition of our projects, which has been proved in the large number of prizes obtained in the past years, our office is especially interested in the meeting of the agreed budget and execution schedules of each project. This high quality demand in the development of our projects is only possible thanks to the constant and active implication of our human team, which is especially vinculated with the world of architecture, urban planning, landscape design and engineering; and it is absolutely committed to architecture.


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