Holmes Place Balmes_Yoga Studio

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Lighting Designers
LDLuz_Lighting Design Studio
Balmes, 08007 Barcelona
0 - 10万
Holmes Place
Mariel Fuentes, Janet Groves
Architects / Interior Design
Castan Iglesias Arquitectura

This lighting and architectural proposal evokes typical concepts found on the philosophy of Yoga: fluidity, harmony and balance. The main concept intention is to create ambiences and atmospheres that transport us to scenes and sensations of this discipline. In this space, we can experience from the awakening of the body to full relaxation and maximum calmness.

The lighting scenes accompany us in these different moments of a class, and are developed through different combinations of lighting and intensity variations. The soft light ambiences with subtle effects flow with the organicity of a symmetrical and balanced architecture, together with the warmth of its materials: wood, curtains, mirror and its white columns, all in a range of warm and neutral tones, dialogue with this search for balance and calmness.

In addition, the integration of lighting systems is sought in order to be the light itself, highlighting materials or elements, the main protagonist in this space of encounter and inspiration. Both indirect and reflected light, through lighting details, gives maximum visual comfort and an invitation to calmness.

Holmes Place-Yoga Studio is a project that speaks of subtleness, harmony and encounter, where all the elements that compose it add up to create an ambience of pure yoga state of mind.


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