CEMCAT Catalan Multiple Sclerosis Center

Façana principal amb vinils colorejats representant els colors del logo de la fundació.
照片 © Lluís Casals
Mur cortina amb muntants verticals i vidres amb protecció solar.
照片 © Lluís Casals
Recepció i sala d'espera.
Passadís revestit de panells fenòlics i barana de l'escala de muntants de terra a sostre de fusta de cedre
Pati de planta soterrani que acull la sala de rehabilitació.
Llongueras Clotet Arquitectes
carrer Nazaret 96, 08035 Barcelona
100万 - 1亿

The building reflects the CEMCAT corporate image, a foundation that fights multiple sclerosis devoted to users who require continued attention.

The projected style of the building itself conveys the intention of protecting the arrival and transfer of reduced-mobility patients.

The three turquoise hues of the CEMCAT corporate image that appear on the facade create a chromatic rhythm and pattern of shadows, which are also used inside to identify each of the plants.

The warm tone of the wood is used as a welcoming material both outside — emphasizing the entrance of the centre — and inside — all along the large stair space.

The building extends down to a below-ground floor around two courtyards for rooms aimed at more leisure activities such as the gym, mingling rooms and therapy rooms, where a possible exit to outdoors improves the treatment to be used.


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