Illa Fleming

Photo © Wenzel
Photo © Lluís Casals
Photo © Wenzel
Photo © Wenzel
Photo © Lluís Casals
Photo © Jaume Bach
Photo © Jaume Bach
Bach Arquitectes
Ronda del General Mitre, 08017 Barcelona
1M - 100M
5-20 Stories

Jaume Bach & Gabriel Mora - Bach/Mora Arquitectes

The requalification of the area around the former stadium of the Real Club Deportivo Español in the Sarrià district of Barcelona released a large area of development land in a privileged area of the city. This area was a trapezoidal plot with great visual impact located between avenue del General Mitre, Dr. Fleming Street and Can Ràbia Street.

The plan proposed buildings location at the perimeter of the plot, like the buildings of the Ensanche. This closed solution did not seem to be the most appropriate for a district of isolated blocks and a plot located in the center of a series of views that it was wished to maintain. Therefore, the construction was concentrated in two towers and a block of the same height located at the perimeter of the site with a landscaped area in the center.

The two towers have a square ground plan with two conventional dwellings per floor, while the block contains apartments for the elderly with common services on the ground floor (dining room, cleaning, infirmary). Under the street level, the program was completed by a series of shops, stores, multi-cinemas and parking accessed through a square covered by a large pergola. This pergola floats between the block of apartments and one of the towers, emphasizing the public nature of the space and marking the main corner of the site.

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