Qatar Chamber of Commerce

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Presidential Office
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The concept design is based around highlighting the mission of Qatar’s Chamber of Commerce, which is to promote and protect the interests of the companies in the agricultural, industrial and commercial sectors. Aside from the office spaces, this 18,000m2 building will also include an exhibition hall a Majlis and a library. Maroon -the color of the country’s national flag- golden and neutral hues have a strong presence here to set the mood in a grandiloquent, open space.

Arab patterns are found throughout. Wooden lattices in the main lobby span a few meters up to provide a decorative box complemented by the geometries on the stone floor and the jewelry-like pendant lights. The Majlis, a space for reunion and debate, is arranged around a circular ceiling which is the source of illumination, originated by sculptural-shaped lights which descend from the geometrical ceiling. Around it, more local motifs are added to the decoration which are also present in the floor, creating a sense of mirror reflection.
The offices feature richly decorated carpets, several wooden partitions to host meeting rooms as well as waiting areas with sofas. Overall, the interior design strives to spotlight the cultural and commercial pride the Chamber of Commerce wants to transmit to its members when representing them and their industries regionally and internationally.

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