New hut and access

Santa Pau
Photo © Eugeni Pons
Photo © Robert Prat
Photo © Eugeni Pons
Photo © Eugeni Pons
Photo © Eugeni Pons
Hidalgo Hartmann
Unnamed Road, 17811 Santa Pau

Reorganization of the accesses to a country house in la garrotxa, which is  composed by a main building with an annex attached to it and a “cabanya” (cabin). the whole composition is embeded in the soil, making one of the floors  subterranean.the annex which had, originaly, ground floor and first floor, has been moved and separated from the original building, thus creating a void between the house and the new “cabanya”. the void has the role of distributing the access to the three different pieces. a cut in the soil, which goes down softly, provides  light during the day. it also provides the crossing between two different spaces. the `main building, the  annex, and the ”cabanya” are separated volumes on the first floor, remembering the image of the dispersed houses of that region. the new “cabanya” contains a bedroom, a bathroom, a dressing room and a staircase which makes the connection with the lower level, where the entry is made; the abstract steel volume, is connected to the exterior by three oppenings: towards the sky, the mountains and the valley.

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