Ampliación y reforma del hotel Arrey-Alella en la finca Can Balcells

Photo © Pedro Catena
Photo © Pedro Catena
Photo © Pedro Catena
Photo © Pedro Catena
Photo © Pedro Catena
Photo © Pedro Catena
Photo © Pedro Catena
Photo © Pedro Catena
Photo © Pedro Catena
2gv sensibilidad patrimonial

Can Balcells is an isolated building datind from the nineteenth century. Located in the area of ​​Alella, it has always been a house closely related to the world of wine.  That is why in the 1980s an annex was built for winery. It was an industrial construction deleoped in three floors, two of them underground.


The land is flat today, having a retaining wall and a large embankment to the north, that is because the three streets surrounding the plot are located at very different heights with large slopes.


The client’s program is to create a hotel related to the wine experience, absent in the area. History, knowledge, manufacture, environment and sale are basic requirements.  Each of these requirements has been assigned to specific and diferent areas of the project in order to create a whole.


The building of Can Balcells evokes the heritage and the history .Unique example and main element of the intervention, becomes the center of the project giving it the importance it has always had.


The project is enveloped by the knowledge of the wine industry so that the future users of the hotel discover the winemaking process and its relationship with the land. From the restaurant where the next product is the most important, to the conference rooms, which occupy a prominent position in the building created to conserve the wine.


The whole project focused on a low consumption and low emission product, especially in the area of the enlargement. A complete product that gives accommodation, wine experience, sale, contact with the land, with the product and views both sea and mountain.

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