Bosco Verticale interior design
Foto © Beppe Raso
Bosco Verticale interior design
Foto © Beppe Raso
Bosco Verticale interior design
Foto © Beppe Raso
alphamesh 12.0 bronze matt
Foto © Beppe Raso
Bosco Verticale interior design
Foto © Beppe Raso

Bosco Verticale

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20124 Milano, Italia
20-100 Piani
Manfredi Catella
Stefano Boeri Architetti

The Bosco Verticale (i.e. the vertical forest) transforms Milan’s city centre skyline: with trees and shrubs designed to grow in a vertical arrangement from the ground, up to the topmost floor of two tower blocks, the tallest reaching a dizzying height of 119 metres. A total of 800 trees and 20,000 shrubs on just under 9,000 square metres of vertical terrace surface area making the equivalent of a hectare of forest. And all this at the heart of the Italian metropolis.
alphamesh contributes to shaping the Bosco Verticale

At a mere 65 square metres, the quantity of alphamesh bronze ring mesh in use for the Bosco Verticale is significantly more modest, although definitely no less striking. When entering the lobby, one’s attention is immediately captured by the alphamesh 12.0 bronze ring mesh curtains stretching from floor to ceiling. Smartly illuminated by ceiling spotlights, the mesh curtains allow for perfect structuring of the highly translucent spatial partitioning effects, the mesh filigree providing a mere 37 percent coverage per each square metre of its surface. The ring mesh effect thus efficiently works to preserve overall spatial integrity, whilst remaining functionally perceptible. For visual and personal privacy when positioned to screen a row of wall-mounted lockers, or as a safety screen when positioned along the ceiling-high staircase leading to the first floor.

alphamesh – why?

In reply, the interior designers in charge of the Bosco Verticale relay as follows: Firstly, because the ring mesh is a freshly innovative material featuring outstanding eco-balance levels. Secondly because the matt, bronze ring mesh works for effective partitioning without risking spatial disarticulation and lastly but not least importantly, because the technical look-and-feel of the ring mesh provides the interior with a clear-cut style, as do the trees and shrubs for the outer façades.

alphamesh 12.0 bronze matt

approx. 65 m²

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