Casa de la Brisa

Castellón, 2017

Tras una vida en el centro de Europa, una pareja regresa al mediterráneo. Entre sus merecidos deseos está el poder disfrutar de un lugar ...


Casa Balint

Bétera, 2014

Un lugar privilegiado inmerso en un campo del Golf situado en las proximidades de Valencia, supone el punto de partida del proyecto. La ...


Casa entre la pinada.


Veintiuna mesetas y siete volúmenes cuentan la historia de esta casa. El proyecto consiste en dar una identidad nueva y uniforme a una ...

Ignacio Borrego Arquitectos

Syntes House in Pinto.


A GARDEN HOUSE. A HOUSE BETWEEN COURTYARDS. The project had to face two preliminary constraints: a surrounding area burdened by the aesth...


La Moraleja

Madrid, 2014

Rahmenlose Schiebefenster: panoramah!® ah!38


Haus Montesión

Toledo, 2017

Rahmenlose Schiebefenster: panoramah!® ah!38

Moneo Brock

Country House in Abantos


For this site facing the monastery of El Escorial we designed a compact family country house, respectful of its wooded surroundings. The ...

Cruz y Ortiz

Refugio en la Sierra de Huelva

Huelva, 2009


Carrer del Sol N° 3

Pollença, 2017

Das gewachsene Dorf Pollença im Norden der Baleareninsel ist nicht nur für den ursprünglichen Markt am Sonntag bekannt. Die städtebaulich...

Mario Corea Arquitectura

Casa Teià

Teià, 1996

Situated in the small town of Teià on the outskirts of Barcelona, the site for this single-family house looks down upon the Mediterranean...

maurusfrei Architekten AG

Mediterrane Finca am Waldrand

Spanien, 2012

gus wüstemann architects AG

Country House Santanyi

Mallorca, 2017

The property is surrounded by olive groves near Santanyi in Mallorca. On a gently sloping southern slope offer beautiful views of the sur...

gus wüstemann architects AG

Country House Ses Salines

Mallorca, 2017

RCR Arquitectes

Row House

Olot, Girona, 2012

In the architects’ home town, a new house was inserted into the space between two walls when an old house was removed. The ...

2gv sensibilidad patrimonial

Single House in Maresme, Barcelona


When confronted with this area of steep slopes, we saw the many possibilities that opened to work with in the face of a large pro...


Cala Del Sol

Ibiza, 2021

Coming soon ... More at

Alberto Campo Baeza

Raumplan house

Aravaca, Madrid, 2015

2+2+2 IS MUCH MORE THAN JUST 6 A Raumplan house. The house is located on a sloping plot with a landscape of...

Marion Regitko Architects

El Meandro

Mijas, 2015

El Meandro' – The house is organized within one meandering form made of natural stone, creating three volumes with an open space interwov...


Privathaus „Villa Velasquez“

Puerto d'Andratx, Mallorca, 2011

Die Villa Velasquez befindet sich in der Urbanisation „Montport“ in Puerto d’ Andratx am Rande einer Grünzone. Ihre Baukörper passen sich...


Casa en Sa Farola

Ciutadella, Menorca, 2008

La casa ocupa un solar situado en primera línea de mar, sobre el camino costero que da acceso al faro del puerto de Ciutadella, en...

Cadaval & Solà-Morales

House at the Pyrenees

Aran Valley, 2008

The project seeks to display the construction values of an old existing vernacular house made from dry stone - a traditional technique in...

Cadaval & Solà-Morales

Sunflower House

Port de la Selva, 2014

Located right in front of the Mediterranean sea, in one of the most beautiful areas of the Spanish coast, the Sunflower House intends to ...

Cadaval & Solà-Morales

X House

Cabrils, Barcelona, 2014

The X House project aims to solve by the definition of a system, language, or even through a unique form, a number of enquiries that aris...

Gabriel Büchelmeier Fotografie

Privat Haus Mallorca

Mallorca, 2014

studio we architetti

Casa Bellavista

Menorca, 2015

Progetto di riqualificazione ed ampliamento di una casa di vacanze a Menorca. In collaborazione con l’arch. Cristina Moll.


Luz House

Cilleros, 2013

HEADLINE   This is a village house between party walls with a long and narrow plan shape, open at the back to a yard. In time...


Los Limoneros

Marbella, 2014

Rahmenlose Schiebefenster: panoramah!® ah!38

Santi Vives Arquitectura

Ingla House

Travesseres (Lleida), 1998

Mamen Domingo | Ernest Ferré Arquitectes

Villa Rofes

Vila-Seca (Tarragona), 2007

A central courtyard from the ground floor to the roof floor links all the rooms of the house together, so the created visual is continuou...

Mamen Domingo | Ernest Ferré Arquitectes

Villa Silvia

Reus, 2003

The house is approached from the construction of a limit which subdivided the piece inhabited by a part of the family. The limit is const...

Mamen Domingo | Ernest Ferré Arquitectes

Villa Joana

Reus, 2004

At Villa Joana, few but thought-operations completely change the configuration of both the existing dwelling and its immediate surroundin...

Mamen Domingo | Ernest Ferré Arquitectes

Villa Maite

Reus, 2000

The presence of a hazel tree in the parcel and the poem "In Memoriam" by Gabriel Ferrater give guidelines for the configuration...

Mamen Domingo | Ernest Ferré Arquitectes

Villa Olga

Reus (Tarragona), 2008

The game of sloping plans of the roof covers the rooms of the house, that are arranged in a "U" in the ground floor and in a &q...

Enric Sòria / J.I. Quintana Arquitectes

Casa en Menorca

Menorca, 2007

La vivienda está en el extremo urbano del pueblo, con vistas sobre un magnífico valle forestal y agrícola. El conjun...

Vidal Tomás Arquitectes

Casa Alegre

Sant Josep, Ibiza, 2014

The project is a reformation of an already existing concrete structure, to build an isolated single family house. The aim is to open the ...

Capella Garcia Arquitectura

Serra Sol house

Sta Cristina d'Aro, Girona, 2007

A MOORED HULL – Working without a client, contrary to what you might think, is much more difficult than when you have one, even if ...

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