Jardí Tarradellas - Green side wall

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Capella Garcia Arquitectura
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Jardí Tarradellas_Refurbishment of dividing walls

The historical evolution of the city has caused successive transformations of the urban fabric, some of which have generated fractures in the built-up urban fabric. To address these development gaps, the Institut del Paisatge Urbà (Institute of Urban Landscape) of the Barcelona City Council promotes urban link actions through the programme for refurbishing dividing walls.

The demolition of an old building on the corner of the Berlín and Marquès de Sentmanat streets uncovered a dividing wall on the street, causing a particular impact on the city’s landscape due to its high visibility. Living matter is the hallmark of this unique integration action.

A vertical garden is created. A metal skeleton structure supports the garden, creating various levels for the plants to grow. The garden touches the ground via a stone wall that extends to pavement of the intersection of the two streets. It consists of an evergreen carpet on which various flowering plants bloom in different colours throughout the year.

The vegetation chosen requires little maintenance and attracts animal species, especially birds. The transformation of this dividing wall into a garden creates a new ecosystem that contributes a social and environmental benefit.

Barcelona City Council

Urban Landscape

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