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House in La Costa Brava

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particular, La Costa Brava

Magma arquitectura

Three houses combined into a single volume. Multifamily housing with the appearance of a detached house. Located in a residential neighborhood of standalone detached houses, the three-home complex is designed in a single structure with the aim of taking maximum advantage of the site’s buildable area.

It is located next to a bay on the Costa Brava, almost on the seafront in a steep plot. A platform comprising a perimeter wall of cyclopean quarry blocks serves as the basis for a Mediterranean garden on the top level. Above this garden, the main floor comprises a large horizontal platform that rises to the maximum level permitted to ensure the views and open horizon. The house is divided into two parts — for public and private life respectively — divided by a vertical permeable access and communication section. The platform of the house extends into a large terrace which houses the pool, receives sunlight from the south and looks westward offering views of the bay, like boats sailing on the ocean. Half the terrace is covered by an overhang while the other boasts wooden shutters that complete the house’s layout. These shutters can be closed or opened with large awnings, reminiscent of the sails of a ship, making it easy to adjust the sunlight and privacy on the terrace.

Walls and ceilings are covered in white and stone paving is installed throughout, except on the roof, which is built of wood, as a re-interpretation of the typical Mediterranean house.

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