Terrace/awning in the paddle zone of the tennis club Barcino

Drawing © Toni Gironès
© Adrià Goula
© Adrià Goula
© Adrià Goula
© Toni Gironès
© Adrià Goula
© Toni Gironès
© Toni Gironès
© Toni Gironès
© Toni Gironès
Estudi D'Arquitectura Toni Gironès
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Since 1953, situated inside the interior of a Sant Gervasi’s neighborhood block, the Barcino’s Tennis Club it is a place where time has made successive urban transformations. Despite, the mark and the big emptiness that the old river carried out, they keep consolidated with the tennis court’s porous trace. The project approach the new paddle’s zone construction above north of the sport installations: -At level ±0.00m is projected the sportive program (3 paddle courts + 1 tennis court) with artificial grass as the only pavement. - Al level +2.50m and +3.00m it is placed a wood walkway that works as a tier over the central tennis court and a terrace-bar cover, reformed and enlarged searching the maximum continuity with the paddle courts and the swimming pool. It is worked with porous materials that synchronize with the pass of the time better than impermeable materials, planning the disposition between iron, terracotta, wood and vegetation with the intention of regulate the tem¬perature, optimizing a good shadow or sun depending on the period of the year. As a unic horizontal plane that with his own movements adapts to the scale of the different elements (tree of love, magnolia, bar, tables...), the cover is the intermediate between the natural light and the different atmospheres projected with the desire of maintain the essence of the old river, that by the time has become an urban lung garden.

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