Vista aèrea de l'edifici lineal principal i les 4 pintes sanitàries.
Vista aèrea de l'edifici lineal principal i les 4 pintes sanitàries.
Façana lateral.
Entrada Principal de l'Hospital.
Façana posterior amb lames fotovoltaiques.
Vista interior del passadís amb les lames fotovoltaiques.
Pati entre pintes.

High Resolution Specialties Center And Hospital

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Calle Isla Lanzarote 30, 14011 Córdoba

SENER ingenieria

Complex program involving the connection of three buildings into a single structure. The comb-shaped layout features large courtyards. Access to the complex is provided with a linear structure along the main street.

The adaptation to the urban scale of the environment involves isolated buildings, creating a volumetric fragmentation and a series of step-backs that allow carving out public space around the Centre.

Essentially horizontal volumetric composition resulting in a unique public building. Low-rise, open-space building to allow large crowds inside, facilitating movement with different exits to the outside. PV panel facade to produce renewable energy and protect interior spaces from the sun.

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