H Arquitectes

House 1101

Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, 2013

Not so many jobs begin like this one, with an owners' list of wishes and hopes for their new home. A list much closer to the principl...

H Arquitectes

House 1014

Granollers, Barcelona, 2014

The plot is located in the historical city centre of Granollers and placed into an urban fabric of dwellings between party walls. The ava...

Ricard Galiana Nadal. Architecture

House in Cassà

Girona, 2015

“The House in Cassà project is a single-family house built in a new neighbourhood in Cassà de la Selva (Girona). The ...

Arriola & Fiol

Casa Costa

Pujalt, 2014

Pujalt is a township in l’Anoia region of Spain. The project connects new constructions and existing traditional buildings. The new house...

Arriola & Fiol

Tres Habitatges Canonge 52 Alella

Alella, 2014

The project completes and defines the residencial front of the Canonge street until Font street. Its particular position allows to develo...

gus wüstemann architects AG

Los Limoneros

Marbella, 2014

Programm – Das Grundstück liegt in einer suburbanen Bebauung privater Villen gleich neben einem Golfplatz in der Nähe von Marbella, Spani...

Wiel Arets Architects

Jellyfish House

Marbella, 2013

Located in Marbella, on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, the Jellyfish House’s neighboring buildings block its view onto the nearb...

Jon Tugores + Architects

To-De House

Sant Pere de Ribes, 2013

A project that speaks of natural pre-existing ingredients; pine trees and a strong topography. Architecture will always be ephemeral...

Jon Tugores + Architects

CFv01 House

Sitges, 2007

House in which we proposed a U-shape lying on it’s side facing the descending slope, to open the house to the Mediterranean and cre...

Jon Tugores + Architects

Shadow House


House clearly divided in two areas, a ground floor connecting with all the exterior, and an upper level that searches for a great deal of...

GCA Architects

Single Family House

Barcelona, 2008

New construction and interior design of single family house in Barcelona. Following the desire to bring the outdoors in due to its siting...

Emiliano López Monica Rivera Arquitectos

House at Port de la Selva

Port de la Selva, 2012

Emiliano López Monica Rivera Arquitectos

Studio House

Barcelona, 2008

Ros Sutrias and Associates

Family House

Salardú Val d'Aran (Lleida), 2008

BAAS arquitectura

SS house

Majorica, 2010

In rural surroundings in Mallorca there is the need, shared with the client, to use traditionally local techniques. The house features pa...

Alberto Campo Baeza

Moliner House

Zaragoza, 2008

To build a house for a poet. To make a house for dreaming, living and dying. A house in which to read, to write and to think. We r...

Alberto Campo Baeza

DBJC House, Conil

Cádiz, 2005

The project is an oceanfront house on the “Roche” beach in Conil, Cadiz. We built horizontal spaces that, set ...

Alberto Campo Baeza

Rufo House

Toledo, 2009

The brief was to build a house on a hilltop outside of the city of Toledo. The hill faces southwest and offers interesting views of the d...

Alberto Campo Baeza

House of the infinite

Cádiz, 2014

On a marvelous place like a piece of earthly paradise, at Cádiz, we have built an infinite plane facing the infinite sea, th...

Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura

La Muralla Roja

Calp, 1973

Dentro del conjunto de La Manzanera y de la línea de combinación de cubos en el espacio, el edificio llamado La Muralla Roj...

Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura

Castillo de Kafka

Calp, 1968

La relación con algunas ideas del movimiento Archigram por parte de los primeros miembros del Taller de Arquitectura, así c...

Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura

Casa familiar en el Ampurdán

Mont-ràs, 1973

Casa de vacaciones construida alrededor de una antigua casa de campo en ruinas. Toda la casa y la decoración exterior están...

Dettling Architekten

Wohnhaus Z2

Tarifa, 2006

Matern Architekten

Villa Roses

Costa Brava, 2007

Am Steilhang der Costa Brava gelegen, bietet das Wohnhaus auf einer Wohnfläche von 335 m² einen fulminanten Blick auf den Golf von Roses....

Comas-Pont Arquitectes

Vivi's house

Vallromanes, 2010

The house is placed on the ground to adapt to the existing slope, dividing the program like steps. A waved ramp allows the access to the ...

Comas-Pont Arquitectes

House in forest

Muntanyola, 2011

The building is located in natural surroundings and emphasizes the landscape values of place and nature. The house is situated on ...

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