The architecture that we make (or ewe try to make) in MESTRE ARQUITECTOS SLP is based on three principles:

"The only interesting architecture is the one that emotion us"

I do not think it´s a good idea to divide Architecture between historical architecture and modern (because the gothic or the baroque were modern in its time), in the same way that I do not differentiate between tradition and creation, reconstruction or new construction. Contrarily, I believe in things that bring us into the goose pumps and others who do not. Architecture, in a way is like love. Only what happens to us in the very deep of our hearts, may touch us in the most intimate and remain in our memory.

"La durée”

Good French architects and society are always worry about “the durée”, the idea of the pass of time and memory. See that most of the things we do we will survive us, make us to act in a humbly way, but firmly, too, with our convictions and beliefs. In any case, disappear behind our works, recognize that an excess of writing, is usually bad for the building but, especially, it is bad for the city where the building must be integrated. I believe in architecture as the art of building the context that people will inhabit. And I'm just one of those people.

"The real possible"

There are all kinds of projects. More importantly, there are two types: those who have been constructed and those who do not. Making things is possible, too, even overwhelming, one of the missions of architects. Our race is not a speed race but one of resistance: a marathon as long as life. And it´s an obstacles race, too. We must fight, first against the own disabilities to master the problems, against regulations and urban rules, increasingly excessive (so you have to know them very well to avoid theirs problems), against the lack of money transactions motivated by the international crisis, sometimes even against some our customers- without they know it- against delays that very often are not the correct ones (people use to say that time is money, but money is only money, Time is much more important, it´s the only thing we can’t buy)  with persuasion and force. The most important thing, what is important to us is that the building should not be affected by our problems. Construct the buildings we design is especially important for us.

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