La Fosca Hotel

Passeig de la Fosca 24, 17230 Palamós
1-5 pisos

La Fosca is an intimate, exclusive, self-enclosed environment. A privileged bay where the Mediterranean and the green mass of pine trees form a withdrawal place. A bright light bathes with the Mediterranean’s blue and green the landscape. Small fishermen's houses are mixed with contemporary architectures and old mansions. In the background, hidden among the pines discreet new buildings arise under the trees. It is a cove where reigns the direct contact with nature, wind, light, serenity and seclusion.

Our proposal is based on that traveler who comes to this land to leave behind the noise and speed of the city to enjoy a privileged setting, to recognize the luxury of direct contact with nature. In a place where converge enjoyment, tranquility, good food and personal encounter with this unique natural environment.

Ours is a silent architecture, which does not impose on the environment, but take part of it. The hotel is conceived as an abstract volume, which does not share the scale or the sum of fragmented architectures that make up the silhouette of Fosca. We appropriate this natural environment transformed into a single volume directly related to the vegetation wich reaches the sea.

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