Hospital de La Florida

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Froilán Roa 6542, La Florida, Región Metropolitana, Santiago de Chile, Chile
100 milions - 1 miler de milions
5-20 pisos
Sociedad Concesionaria San Jose Tecnocontrol, Ministerio Obras Publicas Chile, Ministerio de Salud de Chile
Cristobal Tirdao, Felipe Torreblanca, Luisa Santos
Local Partner
M+R Arquitectos

The project is inserted in a terrain of very unbalanced proportions, in a width and height ratio 7 is to 1. For this reason, and due to the complexity of the program, the parameters of occupancy, constructability and height allowed were taken, seeking a recovery of built area of the first floor on the roof decks, as a green expansion area. In response to the limitations of the terrain, two strategies were chosen,: programmatic grouping in volumetric boxes , with the aim of recovering the measurement of the blocks , and set back of the façade, to transform the sidewalk into a public boulevard, this generating an anteroom of the building.

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